ISO Template (or measurements) for OEM Trunk Spoiler, 2013 Stang

Darius J Padko

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Feb 23, 2023
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North Port, FL
Hey all, I'm looking to install an OEM spoiler (it's black, needs to be painted) on my 2013 silver convertible. I'm looking for a template so I drill in the right places, or some measurements, even measurements from an installed spoiler would be helpful.

Can anyone help me with this? Much appreciated.


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Nov 9, 2019
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When you purchase a spoiler they should (hopefully) come with a paper template. The Roush one I bought for my son's car did. If not, it's easy to make a paper template if your spoiler didn't come with one.

Do you have the spoiler in hand? If so get a roll of kraft paper; cut it to size (length/width) and lay it out on the car; place the spoiler on it in the location it should sit; trace the mounting pads/points on the paper; turn the spoiler over; line the paper up again on the spoiler pads & punch holes in the paper for the bolts where needed (This should allow you to account for the curvature of the trunk). Then transfer the paper template to the car; measure to ensure it's even side to side/front to rear; test fit the spoiler on top of it to ensure the bolt holes line up; if everything lines up then mark & drill. Also, many cars had accommodations for stock spoilers already on the trunks (my '06 & my son's '07 does at least) so check to see if yours has locations in the trunk lid already spec'd for a spoiler or not.
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