just bought 2005 gt 4.6 got a question about normal engine noise

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    Check to make sure your spark plugs aren't loose (loose enough to turn by hand). They're only torqued down to about 15 ftlbs (should not be 20+ ftlbs unless they're the redesigned 2008+ style sparkplugs) A loose plug will create a subtle "ticking" noise that will be borderline noticeable. Especially when you listen from the fender well on the affected side.

    I had originally mistaken it for just being the fuel injectors and dismissed it as normal valvetrain noise until it drove me nuts enough where I used a mechanics stethoscope to probe each of the valve cover bolts. Then after pulling the coilpacks, I noticed that the #6 sparkplug well seem a bit more "carbonized" than the rest which was relatively clean.

    Stuck a sparkplug socket in there and sure enough, it was loose enough to turn by hand. Tightened it down and it was as quiet as a sewing machine!

    I had actually misdiagnosed it as a collapsed lash adjuster and was getting ready to pull the camshaft to replace all of the rocker/followers and lash adjusters with a Ford Performance kit off LMR.
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    I had both intake rollers fail on the #3 cylinder, within a year of each other. Not hard to replace, or expensive ($10/ea). Remove valve cover and turn motor to valve's lowest point and *carefully* pop off roller with screwdriver, then pop new one on. Be careful with cam lobe. If you have the same issue, it's visually obvious (on cam) when you remove the valve cover. See photos attached and this link to a youtube video for the sound mine was making.


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    I think the lower torque was for the antiquated 2-part plug design. Everything I have read says 25 lbs now, which really isn't a lot. I have read it on multiple "how to" sites, and it is also in Haynes.

    I would speculate (my opinion only) that all the stories about ticks from loose plugs was because someone tightened a one-piece plug down to only 10-15 lbs.

    EDIT: I just read somewhere else that the "old style" plugs from 05 to mid-08 have a 25lb rating, while the new style from mid-08 to 2010 use 9 lbs!
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    I have to agree about the spark plugs, knowing first hand. I bought mine from a guy, and I talked him down in price thinking it was lifter noise (last adjuster). It ended up being 3 spark plugs loose, tightened them up and the engine sounds beautiful!
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    Not trying to slam you but as someone who's driven small block chevy's all your life, if you've ever rebuilt or repaired them you should realize they made the engines back then to be quiet from the factory. Maintenance free quiet hydraulic lifters instead of noisy and adjustable solid lifters. They also ran a nylon coated cam sprocket, even on the HP 302's, I believe, to quiet drive-train noise for customer satisfaction. They would quite commonly strip and leave plastic teeth in the oil pan as the single row timing chains stretched. If you've ever heard a performance small block chevy with solid lifters and a double row timing chain they are not quiet. The newer performance engines are mostly all steel on steel timing chain drive which would make considerably more noise, including the injector noise not found on a carbureted engine. 10w-30+ oil and leaded gas also contributed to making the engine more quiet. The new engines might be a little more noisy than the old ones but look at the overall power gains of the new ones, with fuel mileage, even running regular fuel.
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    went to a buddies house yesterday. he's got an 05 f150 with the 5.4 3v. we cranked it cold and ran it till hot. my engine is quiet compared to his :)
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    having a performance engine shop for years, yes, i've built MOST of my engines with solid lifters. my solid lifter chevys are quieter than these ford engines like my 4.6. however, as you have stated, these engines make POWER like no conventional engine could ever do. my 4.6 is averaging 28.1 mpg in local driving with occasional full power bursts. they are a technological miracle. power and economy. i can deal with the engine noises. that seems to be part of the package :)