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    to the OP. you obviously have found tire rack, just look at the category ratings specifically the tire noise and comfort categories.
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    I run BFG COMP-2 summer tire. Great grab but somewhat noisy. On my Linc Towncar I run Hankook's. IN GENERAL, I am told that Hankooks are much quieter w/ very long life. FWIW
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    The OP asked about ride quality and handling, and a lot of responses were about sizing. Does not answer his question.

    I've had BFG's in the past, (not the ones OP listed) and have no complaints. Good tires.

    I put Cooper Zeon RS3-A all seasons on mine for my "winter" set. I am very impressed with the grip they have, and they ride quiet. I've driven in the SNOW with these, (had to, snowed while I was at work) and my car has NO TC or ABS. Driving in the snow was doable, and a mustang isn't exactly a good snow car. :Big Laugh: I will have these with me at track days for rain/wet track, they are that confidence inspiring.

    As for sizing, your current wheels will determine the sizes you need. Stick to recommended rim width.

    +1 on "square" setup . Rotating tires saves you $$$.
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    The OP wanted an all season radial. There is lots to choose from. I use Nitto Motivo's ( ASR) on both my 2011 Fusion and my 2010 Mustang. Excellent rain tire. They run wider than Nitto's other models. The Motivo has a tread wear rating of 560, so should last a while. They even stick pretty good with temps in the low 40's and high 30's, with the blower on in the mustang. Come the end of April, I swap to the wider tires + rims on the mustang. Motivos are quiet, so far so good, even in the minimal snow we get each year. But look at all the reviews etc, when choosing an all season tire.
    Stick with a square setup for your needs, then you can rotate.
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    OP posted tire sizing that's staggered slightly the wrong way in terms of sidewall height and overall diameter (fronts taller than rears on both counts), so there's a real chance he'd end up less than completely happy with it. Ultimately, it's his choice, but he's going to be better off going into that decision with more information rather than less.

    That ↑↑↑ , and for normal street driving a 4-tire rotation scheme beats only being able to swap side-to-side.