Need some help with high beams…


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Feb 22, 2024
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Houston mo
Hi y’all new to the group, so trying to figure out my high beam issue on my 14 Mustang. It’s got brand new hid bulbs that just replaced not long ago and when you turn the highs on don’t seem like there getting bright at all more less u can tell the turn on but they arnt no brighter then the lows so I just ordered led style d3s bulbs thinking that might be the issue but what’s y’all’s thoughts fuses look good not fried havnt checked relays yet. But im definitely new to the hids


Aug 20, 2020
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First of all, get proper HID bulbs, not some LED equivalent. The chrome bowl of the projector is meant for the light arc of a Xenon gas HID bulb. The middle of a HID bulb is the brightest light point as opposed to, let’s say a filament bulb, where the light point is the filament which runs the length of the bulb. So the projector bowl is designed to reflect the light of a HID bulb. When you move around the light source, it screws up how the light reflects inside the bowl. Hope that makes sense.

I’m using Osram Cool Blue Intense Next Gen

Philips almost makes equivalent brighter bulbs.

Adjust the height of the headlight. I found it was too low and didn’t disperse the light properly onto the road. Once I did that I was much more satisfied with the output. Not the brightest headlights compared to other cars but can’t do anything better unless you change to Morimoto LED full assembly headlights.

Also, there is no actual high beam. The bulb runs 100% power all the time. What happens inside the projector housing is that there is a shield that blocks half the light, that’s low beam mode. When you want high beams, there’s an actuator that drops the shield giving you 100% light.

So just get better bulbs and adjust the headlights before messing around with anything else.

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