New Vorshlag-Bilstein TrackPro Coilovers for S197 Mustang

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    INTRODUCING Vorshlag-Bilstein TrackPro Coilovers for S197 Mustang

    We have been teasing folks with pre-production images for a while, and track/street testing has been underway for over 9 months, but now we’ve finally made the production fixtures for the Vorshlag-Bilstein TrackPro coilover kit – they are listed for sale here.


    This is a great suspension choice, for folks who still daily drive their 2005-2014 Mustang, who want track capable suspension but without the Motorsport level price tag.


    We make customize the Bilstein strut housings in-house, as well as build the included camber plates, ride height adjusters and rear spring adapters on our in-house CNC machines.

    Same corner BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) - it even changed color! ;)

    These parts are combined with Hyperco spring rates we have tested and tweaked to work well with the valving on the Bilstein monotube non-adjustable struts and shocks to make a complete suspension package.

    Our tester (Jerry C, with the blue 2012 Boss302 above) has been street driving and tracking on the prototype TrackPro set throughout 2015 and loves the ride quality as well as the flatter cornering and reduced brake dive. We have refined the spring rates, built production fixtures off of the prototype set, and have built a small production run of these kits – ready to ship today. Click here to order or call Vorshlag for more info.
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    What's the price on a set of these?
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    If you click on the link it brings up the product page.... $2500
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    Ok thanks