Problems with pypes?

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Shu10, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Shu10

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    What are the fitment issues you guys have ran into with pypes LT? The problem I’m having is the hole in the flange don’t line up with the holes in the heads, both sides. I shipped the first set back now the new set is doing the same thing. Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.
  2. EBABlacknChrome

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    I didn't have any problems with them. Now the O/R H pipe is a different story. To be honest, I would send them back and get your money back. The shippment from china must be a bad batch. Save up and buy Kooks, worth the extra money hands down
  3. texasvoodu

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    yeah don't know about the headers but my off road X pipe had the bungs welded in wrong place and had to send back and the second one wasnst much better. going to save up for Kooks and go back to stock cats and get some muffler deletes
  4. 07 Boss

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    If you want decent inexpensive LTs you might want to look at Pacesetters. They're mild steel but if you live in a relatively dry climate and get them coated they should last for years. They have slightly larger primaries than most of the 4.6 headers and I think I paid $525 for coated headers with an O/R H pipe. I've had mine for 9 years and they look like the second day I owned them.
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  5. smillysmile

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    I hate to change the subject just a bit but I have a problem with my pypes and was wondering if I could get some help. So I have O/R H pipe and the back pressure or something keeps losening the bolts on that flang to the manifold.

    So should I be applying locktite or more anti seize, maybe buy locking washers?

    The exhaust leak is crazy!
  6. 07gts197

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    Get some lock washers. I have a similar problem with my 02 gt but it seems to be gone now. After tightening it a few times I realized the nut wasnt loosening but the stud was backing out. Check the studs while youre down there.
  7. smillysmile

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    Thanks. I know that some cars have a flang gasket. But I didn’t see one when I took the old shit off. Am I missing this?
  8. 07gts197

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    I dont think I used one when I installed my x pipe but it was about 6 years ago. Its a good idea to install one though.
  9. Iceman62

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    In cases like this, I prefer to double-nut the stud. Do this on all my motorcycles b/c exhaust bolts are notorious for backing out.
  10. 702GT

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    I had Pypes LT, Pypes O/R X & Catted X, Pypes M80 MMS on my '08 for 7 years. When I went Procharged, I swapped to MBRP (street series) catback and absolutely hated it. Sounded like an old farm tractor. Bought the Magnaflow (not the glasspack style) catback and while it was a tad quiet at idle, it was race car at WOT and had great tone at cruise loads with minimal drone. Only reason I didn't run the M80 MMS was the volume, they're terribly loud. But my cammed NA setup sounded like pure sex singing through the Pypes setup.

    I think the only issue I had with the LT install was a few of the open flanged holes (the side of the flange that's closest to the bottom of the heads) didn't quite line up perfect and I didn't want there to be tension on the header. I used a grinder with 1/8th" disc and lightly opened up the fork a little wider. They went on perfect after that.

    I also used Percy Seal-for-good exhaust gaskets. In the 10 years I owned the car with Pypes LT's, I never had an exhaust leak at the headers.

    I think it also makes a difference; after I ran a couple heat cycles on the engine, I went back and checked to see if any nuts had backed off, I got a 1/4 turn off a few. Everything was red-loctite.

    When installing the headers, I recommend bolting up before stud placement. Do the top flange holes first. If they line up, it's the open holes on the bottom side that need adjustment.

    For double the price, Kooks had better be spot on in fit 'n finish. For the bargain Pypes was, I didn't mind filing on a few flange holes to acheive fitment. If there had been other issues or no work around, put the hammer down on customer service 'til it's right.

    I just can't stand people knocking "china knock-offs" and then chest thump their Manley internals. Where do you think those are made?
  11. ChewyR

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    What I've learned over 20 years is you cant expect aftermarket bolt ons to just bolt on with no trouble. Especially the cheap stuff from China. I had pypes violators for a bit and one of the tips was noticeably out of whack.
  12. Anti

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    I have the same LT's and their O/R H pipe. No problems. Wish I would have got the coating now. lol Whatever, I am sure they will last longer then me not modding the car. So far they are doing great. The portion closest to the ground is still painted anyway. I learned my lesson on coating, but fitment was great.

    As for Pypes, the only thing I have from them is their cat back pipe bomb "super system". I had issues with lining tips up right and clearing the axle on one side with the over axle pipe.. I eventually after 3 separate sessions was able to get it corrected about 98% with the car on a lift, a ratchet strap and 2lb sledge hammer. >.> I didn't dent anything, just needed some, encouragement, if you will. Didn't realize so many people had issues with Pypes brand stuff.

    I hear the Kooks and American Racing Header's fitment are second to none.