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Discussion in '2005+ Ford Mustang v6 4.0L Tech' started by Max70, May 30, 2021.

  1. Max70

    Max70 Junior Member

    Hello people, I am new in here, infact I just registered. I live in Europe so many sellers in the USA do not ship to my country therefore I have to either find sellers or items in Europe or mostly ebay or Amazon.

    I was told to ask here about some technical question regarding my 06 Mustang. I have the following issue, I hope someone can help me, I'm not that much technical on cars but I'm trying to learn.

    The setup I have right now is the following, this was a setup done by a previous owner so I tried to find out the parts that were used:

    Front wheels Shelby 20 x 9" tires 255/30 R20
    Rear wheels Shelby 20 x 10" tires 285/30 R20

    I got lowering spring kit 1.5" (blue springs I assume hard ones)
    on the front I got KONI struts.

    So with the above setup I got the following measurements.

    Front mid wheel to fender arch 370mm and I got 20mm from tire to fender arch
    Rear, mid wheel to fender arch 380mm with 40mm from tire to fender arch

    Now I was thinking of changing the front struts since the one on the right is making squeaking noises even on bouncy roads

    My main issue is that the setup as it is, even though it is a hard ride, seems to be good because on speed bumps or other irregular roads the tires are not touching the fenders, I don't know if it is because of the hard springs or some kind of bump stop in the struts.
    But if I had to change the suspensions and wanting to keep the same height of car and the same spring firmness, is there any suspension or coilover kit you would suggest?

    Keep in mind that the tires are in line with the fenders and I do not know if when the wheel goes up it moves in an arch movement and goes on the inside of the fender.

    I was going for the KW suspension but they could not grantee that the tires won't hit the fenders, so they told me either give it some CAMBER or trim the fenders ( the second option is surely out of the equation )

    My concern is if the suspensions (springs or shocks) spring too much more than my present setup, the tires might hit the fender.

    My present setup on the front is putting the measurements at 370mm from middle of the wheel to edge of fender arch, but I know that the present suspension setup is hard (and not comfortable). The KW suspensions even though they are adjustable, the maximum adjusting height for the front is 370mm so I cannot go any higher, so if these suspensions are softer than the ones I have right now, they might do some damage and there is no means to know or find out if they are softer or like the ones I have unless they are installed and tested.

    I'm also trying to understand the movement of the control arm together with the wheel when this goes up an down with bumps. If it arched inwards or just goes up and down straight

    I would appreciate if anyone could help me in detail or give me some suggestions


    Here are some photos to maybe visualize better what I mean
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. 06 T-RED S/C GT

    06 T-RED S/C GT forum member

    There are plenty of threads that address this topic.. Therefore consider using the search function menu or consider doing a google search.
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  3. Jack F

    Jack F Junior Member

    Can't really tell if those struts are the yellows or the oranges. If they are yellows, then they're adjustable and might just be set on the "firm" position.

    You are in no danger of hitting your fenders whatsoever and could safely go a bit lower.
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  4. Max70

    Max70 Junior Member


    I used the search engine and if I had found anything about KW suspensions I would not have posted a duplicated one, if you know of any post about KW suspensions with my exact configuration kindly point me to it so I won't keep this thread open.
  5. Max70

    Max70 Junior Member

    They are KONI orange struts and not adjustable as far as I know. This is the setup I found on this Stang when I bought it, so I tried to find out the exact configuration. As I mentioned in my post the springs are lowering by 1.5"
  6. 06 T-RED S/C GT

    06 T-RED S/C GT forum member

    From the images you posted, those appear to be Koni orange, non-adjustable dampers. If your looking for a less harsh/stiff ride quality? you may want to consider switching to a lowering spring which has a softer spring rate, such as Steeda sport springs, Roush performance and BMR suspension SP001 springs. If you prefer your current lowering height at 1.5"? then you may want to consider upgrading to Koni yellow adjustable dampers which provide a less harsh/less stiff ride quality when set to the "full" soft position.
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