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    Anyone here replaced the clutch with the RPS clutch - twin or triple disk?

    My car is a 07 Shelby GT500
    I replaced my original in 2009 with a McLeod RXT and since then I have replaced the clutch three times and now I am in the same position again - I need to replace my clutch. Yes, I drag race!

    I am thinking of looking for a different clutch and have set my eyes on the RPS clutch - triple disk: http://www.carolinaclutch.com/inventory/9527
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    Crickets in here.... Since I joined the GT500 darkside, I have met a good amount of dudes who have gone though clutches. I know a couple dudes that are running this setup who race and are happy with it.

    Another set some Shelby dudes are happy with is the setup Ace Racing makes for Shelby exclusively. They offer a triple disc setup also that is a little nicer on the price. Drove a different GT500 with the Shelby dual disc setup and man... Gripped nice and smooth as butter... Definitely going to chuck this damn single disc setup the car has now (previous owner installed) in favor of the Shelby setup.

    I hear all the chatter about the RXT, but I also keep seeing too many threads that it's had to be changed time after time. Here are some links to the Shelby setups.

    Dual disc:

    Triple disc: