S197 Clunking/rattling sound when accelerating and turning right?

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  1. Dingo7222

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    Alright I have been chasing the cause of this noise since I got the car 5 years ago. The noise started showing up when I would be turning right with the car in 3rd gear at about 1800rpm. If I were to push the clutch in, the noise would go away. If I revved the engine to ~1800 rpm in neutral while turning right the rattle/clunk would come back. I can feel the clunk in the pedals as a slight tapping underneath the gas pedal, I don't feel anything in the steering wheel. 5 years later I have replaced lower control arms, wheel bearings, inner tie rods, tie rod ends, and the upper strut mounts, all of this was slightly worn so I figured I would replace it and if the noise went away, great! It hasn't. The noise is happening more often, normally under the conditions above as well as any sort of acceleration while turning right or going straight. No noise when turning left. Heck, now I will feel/hear the clunking sometimes when I start the car in a parking lot if I am facing upwards on a hill, when that happens if I don't move the car yet and rev the engine to ~1000-1200rpm I will hear/feel the clunking sound.

    So here are some videos of the noise and play I found in the steering rack, you guys think that play in the steering rack could be the cause or is that normal and I am barking up the wrong tree?


    Rack and pinion play-

    Current mods-
    Ford Lowering K springs
    Maximum Motorsports camber/caster plates
    JLT 110mm intake and Bama tune
    Ford Racing Shorty Headers

    Car was rear ended and then rear ended the car in front of it back before I got it and the shop that fixed it and got it reinspected cut quite a few corners as I am finding strange stuff all the time.

    Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!
  2. 01yellerCobra

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    I don't think that amount of play is normal. I would try checking it at each end of travel. Turn the wheels right then do the same wiggle test. Then repeat for the left turn. I'm wondering if the rack gear is worn more on the right side. Maybe the accident damaged some of teeth.
  3. 08MustangDude

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    Or an inner tierod..
  4. Dingo7222

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    Same amount of play in the center and throughout the range from left to right lock. I tried adjusting the mesh between the rack and pinion but any tighter and the steering wheel gets considerably more difficult to turn even when the front end is off the ground, even after tightening the mesh as far as I could the play was still present. I am going to swap the steering rack and see what a new one is like.
  5. Dingo7222

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    Alright, rack and inner tie rods replaced and all the play in the steering is gone! However the noise is still there... I inspected the engine mounts and they look fine? No visible cracks that I can see and when letting the clutch out with my foot on the brake the engine doesn't move at all. Also I got a good video of it making the noise while sitting in my garage.

    Rattle sound while parked-

    Doesn't make the noise at idle so I have to rev it to 1000rpm. I am going to try and have a friend hold it at 1000 rpm next time it makes the noise and poke around with a stethoscope.
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    Does that year model still have a power steering pump?
  7. RED09GT

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    My center bearing of my stock driveshaft went but it made more of a howling noise when going around a corner.
    Might be worth checking.
  8. Dino Dino Bambino

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    I don't think that would cause the noise the OP is hearing at 1000rpm while his car is stationary. However the PS pump could be a possible source if the noise increases while turning the steering wheel.
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  9. 08MustangDude

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    They all had hydraulic power steering to and including 2010. IT was changed
    to electric in 2011. You can convert < 2011 to electric...
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