S197 V6 Manuel Transmission Shifter

Discussion in '2005+ Ford Mustang v6 4.0L Tech' started by Martin Ortega Jr, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Martin Ortega Jr

    Martin Ortega Jr Junior Member

    Is there an aftermarket manuel shifter for the s197 v6 mustangs, and if so...where can I purchase one
  2. 0BlackBeauty5

    0BlackBeauty5 Junior Member


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  3. roddy

    roddy Junior Member

    What year, and what transmission?
    On the '05-'10 cars with the 4.0/5-speed, Hurst and MGW are the main players. The Hurst is more affordable, and what I have in my car. If I could do it again, I would go with the MGW. The Hurst feels a lot better than the stock piece, but has just enough play in it to buzz/rattle at certain RPMs under full throttle.
    I have no experience with the '11-'14 cars with the 6-speed, so can't offer any input if that is what you have...
  4. Mike in SC

    Mike in SC Lactation Consultant

    On my '09 GT I have a Barton & I like it ALOT. On my '14 GT I have a MGW. I like it but sometimes I wish I woulda tried another Barton. Avoid Hurst, now it is Chinese crap. Barton and MGW are Made in USA. FWIW, IMHO
  5. Unexplodedcow

    Unexplodedcow Junior Member

    I first tried a Steeda shifter mod when I had an '07 V6. It was...OK, but a bit of work to install the thing. I put urethane bushings on my GT at first, but after about five years switched to a MGW. More configurable, better build quality than stock (by far), worked out great. I installed a blowfish shifter support at the same time, so the shifter is no longer connected to the body. Also highly recommended if the budget allows.
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