Steeda's New S197 Jacking Rails - Now Available (Bolt-in Design)

Discussion in 'Vendor New Product Releases' started by [email protected], Dec 31, 2016.

  1. AndrewNagle

    AndrewNagle forum member

    You will not be disappointed
  2. banzai_bullitt

    banzai_bullitt Junior Member

    They weigh 7.2 lbs. each according to my bathroom digital scale.
  3. xeninworx

    xeninworx Junior Member

    I want to get these but I’m waiting for them to go on sale from Steeda Canada.
  4. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    I use the Kenny Brown welded in ones an they are awesome. I have the KB Extreme Matrix Brace welded in as well and that together with the jacking rails makes a huge difference in the stiffness of the car, even though guys on here will say the S197 is stiff enough already and they are only bolt on weight, don't believe it for a minute, the difference is huge and I now just laugh at those guys for not even trying it.
  5. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    I bought mine from steeda canada, think it was spring of 2018. Think it was aprx $118.00 Works superb.

    I do have the steeda X brace still in the box....can't use it in conjunction with my already welded in steeda rear Strut brace in trunk. The X brace goes in the trunk, behind rear seats. 10 lbs, and made from 4130 chromolly steel tubing. (1 3/8" x .082" wall).
  6. xeninworx

    xeninworx Junior Member

    The rails now are $289.99. Looking at their IG account, they usually have a sale on Black Friday and Boxing Day.
  7. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

  8. xeninworx

    xeninworx Junior Member

  9. Racer47

    Racer47 Doesn't have much to say S197 Team Member

    The difference is all in your head. And the only ones laughing are the guys that are lapping you. You're not fast enough and don't have enough tire to put any real load into the chassis. So you have no basis for comparison. But you'll continue to argue no matter how many facts are presented.

    More info from a real racer not just a group 4 poser.

    This chassis was extremely rigid with a torsional stiffness of 21,000 Nm/degree. This was a substantial improvement over the previous SN95 chassis which was effectively the end result of a 27-year-old chassis and suspension layout design that originated in the 1978 Foxbody Mustang.

    By comparison:

    4,881 Nm/deg – NA Mazda Miata

    7,100 Nm/deg – Honda S2000

    9,100 Nm/deg – Chevrolet C5 Corvette

    12,500 Nm/deg – BMW E46 Coupe

    14,500 Nm/deg – Chevrolet C7 Corvette

    22,500 Nm/deg – BMW E90

    23,000 Nm/deg – Ferrari 360 Modena

    flame away as i know you will.....
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  10. JJ427R

    JJ427R forum member

    There was recently discussion about these on the Kenny Brown Performance Speed Society facebook page and some "real race car drivers" also had things to say on there about them as well as rear grip kit, so feel free to go check that out...
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  11. RED09GT

    RED09GT Senior Member S197 Team Member

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  12. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    When jj427R jacks up his car, just aft of either front tire..and the entire side lifts off the ground, I call that stiff. The BMR version is actually built better than the KB version. Moot point. Same deal with the BMR version, the entire side lifts off the ground. Without em, one would have to be jacking a helluva lot higher. Whether that increase in torsional rigidity translates into faster lap times with his particular suspension and tire setup is another matter. IIRC racer47 has 400 lb front springs.

    jj427R's roush front springs are only 20% stiffer than oem. The roush front struts however, are godawful stiff imo.
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  13. GlassTop09

    GlassTop09 Member

    Got a set of these Steeda jacking rails installed as very well for jacking up the car.

    Hey Pentalab, have you given any more thought into installing that Steeda X-brace?
  14. xeninworx

    xeninworx Junior Member

  15. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

    Nope. Unfortunately the steeda X brace is incompatible with my existing steeda rear STB.
    My rear stb is already welded into place. It's either one..or the other. The X brace still sits in it's box. The X brace is a superbly built piece of kit. I will get around to listing it for sale..soon.
    Right now we are gagging on smoke outside, 24/7. Fine ash on everything. Screwed up part of my front deck paint job.
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