Steering wheel extension?

Discussion in 'Corner Carver Racing Tech Discussion' started by Craig, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Craig

    Craig Junior Member

    I'm sure that would work for many folks (especially with a spacer), but I would like to keep the factory airbag.
  2. Fred Rayner

    Fred Rayner Junior Member

    I see this thread stopped in 2014. Did everyone looking for a telescoping solution go out and by a S550? Since there has now been 5 model years of the S550, has anyone tried (or at least contemplated) installing a complete steering column for a S550 (plenty online from auto salvage yards) into a S197 ?
  3. mrt2you

    mrt2you forum member

    why don't you think the other direction.
    the steering column bolts to the mount brackets with 4 bolts. maybe make a extension where the steering column shaft bolts to the middle steering shaft, then cut and weld extensions to where the column brackets that bolt to the mount brackets. with the proper extensions welded in place you will move the column up without having to modify any wiring.
    i have a extra column in storage to take pics of what i am talking about. the problem is i have to get to work soon. maybe tonight after work i will get pics.
  4. Fred Rayner

    Fred Rayner Junior Member

    I want to make this happen so bad ! I have purchased both a S197 and a S550 complete steering columns from savage yards. I don't know yet if it will be a complete swap or just a component for component swap. My plan is to use the S197 mounts (frame) to moch up a template for mounting and then take it from there. I will start taking some pictures and if it is successful I will post. Wish me luck !!!
  5. Maczs007

    Maczs007 Junior Member

  6. Vorshlag-Fair

    Vorshlag-Fair Official Site Vendor Official Vendor


    What in tarnation - that tacked on "steering wheel extension" thing cannot be real. Was that from the Onion? o_O
  7. Racer47

    Racer47 Doesn't have much to say S197 Team Member

    The do you know about the onion in texas? Have they gotten that big? I used to live in Madison, it was my daily paper :)
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  8. Pentalab

    Pentalab forum member

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