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    Hello, I will be getting a Hellion Twin kit installed on my 2012 GT in February. My question is how can I avoid having a cage/bar while at drag strips. I am only going to be running low boost, around 600rwhp or so. The car is my daily when the weather is nice and I rack up 70 miles round trip daily to school so I don't want to really have a cage since I will only visit the strip several times a year, maybe more now since the car will be boosted. The shop doing it said I can have them put no time on and they wont harass me about no cage, but I want to confirm so I don't get blind sided after paying to get into the track and only getting a single run in. Thanks!
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    Don’t run faster than 11.49 and that may not even work

    NT just means the time isn’t on the boards, it’s still recorded and the track will know
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    Some news on the roll bar requirement, the NHRA recently amended their paragraph on roll bar requirement for 2008+ non-vert vehicles.

    They struck out the wording on what they had defined as unaltered and now say as long as the OEM safety devices [ ABS brakes, air bags and restraints [seat belts]] are still functional, no bar required for 10.00/135mph and slower.

    As usual, local tracks can still have their requirement so you'd need to check what they want.

    Good luck and be safe ...

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    /\ u have a cite for that? Last I read if the car was altered the traditional roll bar rules applied. 11.49 needed one.
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    I've run at BIR Wednesday night drags and have seen cars very similar with no cage. You'll at least get one run in before they tell you if you need a cage or not. If you are attending a sanctioned racing event the story will probably be different believe you may need a cage for that. I thought the time requirement for a cage was 10:59?? I'd call your local track and find out...
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    Thanks for all the info, I'll have to give them a call to make sure, they are a nhra track I believe. Otherwise I could try sand bagging until my last pass I guess. I had seen stuff about fire jackets but dont recall the times, if I need one whats one you guys would recommend? I got shafted on my helmet and had to buy it at the track when out of the blue they called me out for it when I never had one my previous trips. Before I even got my slip the guy told me I needed a helmet to race again so I got happy thinking I did my fastest pass, nope it was one of my slower passes =/
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    They changed the rule within the last coupe of weeks, the stipulation is ALL original safety gear needs to be intact down to the seats.
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    Yea, thanks I did read that
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    No cage needed at our track until 9.99 or quicker.
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    I think this was long overdue for a few reasons:

    1) if you had a new $65K Hellcat lets say, and you just wanted to run it at the track once in a great while, it would be hard to justify putting in a cage in a new $65K vehicle if you broke into the 9s with a supercharger swap and dot legal drag radials.
    2) driving on the street with a cage is dangerous without a helmet - because if you get into a crash you can hit your head on one of the roof bars. With a roll bar, at least you could put SFI roll bar padding on the appropriate places and be a little safer.

    *** note: there is a huge difference between a "cage" vs a "roll bar" -- these terms are not interchangeable yet a lot of people seem to do it anyway. They mean completely different things.