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    I'd like to delete my spoiler. Personal choice I know no every one is on board with...

    I've been keeping my eyes open on ebay for a Alloy Metallic (g5 paint code) trunk lid sans spoiler or sat antenna to swap out. One looming concern however is the trunk lock. Can the new trunk lid lock be re-keyed? Or since I'll have the original, be swapped out?
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    Another option: I would get an estimate on getting the holes filled by a body shop.
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    As an owner of a Bullitt, I'm on board with your decision to go spoiler-less, lol. I'm pretty sure the truck lock cylinder can be removed and installed on the new lid - check the FSM to be sure.
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    Well I removed the sound pipe on my 2014 Mustang GT Base and I found a reference that Ford sells spoiler delete plugs that will exactly fit the hole in the fire wall. You got to buy 4 from Ford but they are also available on Ebay.

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    I did this swap due to the awesome look of the 05-09 body with its sleek (almost foxbody) semi squarish rear end. I didn't want to fill holes, nor do I care enough about paint to justify the cost, so I ended up finding a non spoiler trunk lid and negotiated down to $60. I then removed the lock, badge, wiring and everything and used $5 of black matte plastidip to cover the gloss black that doesn't match my bargain $100 platidipped rear bumper or factory satin silver stang. Put all my factory trunk lid parts and lock in the "new" one and was back in business. Pics show sort of a time lapse in between "painting" parts. I did however take the proper time to prep and smoke the taillights to my liking. Without the dust the plastidip doesn't look bad IMO. I'm just a cheap a$$.






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    The cheap trunk did have to be tweaked a bit to get it aligned close enough due to a rear impact on the "doner" car that wasnt originally noticeable. So maybe I got what I played for. lol
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    Man I looked for years for one. I even chased this poor guy in a v6 05 around town to try and buy his spoilerless truck lid... lol. I finally gave in and just had the body shop take care of it for me. Spoiler delete FTW!!

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    All you have to do is dismantle the current assembly and put in in the new lid with the current lock and wiring.

    I once left a note on a V6 in my color and was texting with this gal for a while trying to talk her into a swap, but it didn't happen. The I saw one online at a local used dealership and it just sold. I asked them to see if the buyer would let me contact them. To my surprise, the dealer called me with their info and the swap happened. This young kid was so happy to get a spoiler on his sixer lol.
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