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  1. vnmous1

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    VMP wants to welcome you and invite you to check out the store at vmptuning.com

    As a courtesy to S197 forum members, you now have your own discount code.
    The code will get you 5% off anything except items that will be listed as "no codes" during sales.

    This means, for example, and immediate $350 off the price of a Stage 2 VMP GEN II TVS blower kit for 2011+ GTs.

    $150 off the regular price of a GT500 GEN II head unit.

    The list goes on, but go check out the store....look around and feel free to use the code as you wish. Your specific code for S197 members ONLY is

    This forum area is also open to any specific tech questions you may have that apply to parts or services we offer.

    Remember, the most immediate ways to reach us are:

    EMAIL- [email protected]
    This is for any sales or tech question you may have. It is manned
    by numerous folks so someone will see it in a reasonable timeframe

    [email protected]
    This email is to be use ONLY for tuning questions. It only goes to
    a couple of us so if you don't get a response within 24 hours, call us

    PHONE- (321) 206-9369
    Our sales and support hours are from 9a-5p Mon-Thur and 9a-2p
    on Friday. Phones are OFF from 12n-1p each weekday. We
    purposely do not use voicemail because we want to take your call.

    The least effective way to reach us is forum PM because most of us access almost everything on mobile. It's difficult to follow a thread or get all the details like pictures when using PM, so please don't if you expect a speedy response.

    Most everyone knows who we are and what we do, but as a recap:

    VMP has been in the business of high performance tuning of late model Fords for over a decade. We manufacture numerous performance parts like MAF components, throttle bodies, heat exchangers and of course the infamous line of VMP GEN II TVS superchargers.

    We support SCT, HP Tuners and Cobb platforms.

    We are active NMRA competitors in Coyote Modified and other classes.

    We have an 8 second Coyote Modified car (and a new one for '16 is underway even as we speak), a VMP TVS powered '15, a '15 EcoBoost with FFTec/VMP Big Turbo kit, an '07 GT500 that boasts over 800 to the tire, a Cobra, EcoBoost trucks and SUVs and more in our track and R and D stable.

    We have a massive DynoJet dyno that travels across the country allowing us to get hands on tuning data for hundreds of different cars, configs, fuels, environments, etc.

    That's us in a nut shell. We're proud to join S197 as a sponsor and vendor and look forward to hearing from you.

    Justin, BJ, Christie, Joe and Brad.
  2. mach828

    mach828 forum member

    Can you please post the new discount code? I am trying to put an order in for an additional vehicle in advantage.

  3. wckdgt

    wckdgt forum member

    welcome, thanks for the discounts.
  4. vnmous1

    vnmous1 Gentleman & Scholar Official Vendor

    The new website is up and running at vmpperformance.com

    The new discount code is vmprocks1

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