07 4.0 to 4.6

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    Okay right now I have an 07 4.0 I got for a really good price at the time. Now I'm wondering what if any modifications would really have to be done if I was to go buy a salvaged mustang donor that ran normally and pulled it all out and did a heart transplant. I have plenty of mechanical knowledge. Just my real only low point is wiring not my favorite. So with the parts car I already know I'd have the whole kit right there. Would it be plug and play with the wiring harness. Including staying automatic. Since that's what it is now. Avg price for one at a salvage auction seems to be like 500-2k. And I'm only 4500 into my car. And the avg price for a 3v seems to be around like 8-12k right now. Just kinda curious. And yes I have read about all the motor swap threads. Still couldn't really find my answer
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    Yes it is a simple plug and play swap. No wiring is needed, you just change the engine/trans harness with the engine. Just be sure you swap from a '07-'09; '07 is better since its more of a direct fit for your BEC.
    My swap thread on here should have relevant info, except the pics are toast now thanks to shitty photobucket.