2005 ball joint help needed

Discussion in '2005+ Ford Mustang v6 4.0L Tech' started by abnormalride, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. abnormalride

    abnormalride Junior Member

    Hi, folks. My daughters clipped a curb last night and blew a ball joint. The stud is out of the knuckle, no problem. But we're having a hassle with the cup (pressed into the control arm). I have the c-clamp-type ball joint press on it, we've hit it with the penetrant and heat, but it's not budging. I'd be so much happier just doing this in the hydraulic press, but that means pulling the control arm (which I've never done on one of these cars), and I don't know how hard that typically is. And I'm compromised at the moment - I took a serious hit to the ribs last week and rolling around on the ground and doing this core-muscles thing is hella painful. So I could use some guidance. And what's with those fasteners on the bushing clamp? Normal nut on top, but it looks like some kind of odd-sized weirdo bolt on the bottom that they don't want you to put a tool on.

    Beside just being able to press out the remains of the ball joint, pulling the arm would give us the option of replacing either the ball joint itself or getting an arm+ball for not too much more money.

    Hope to hear from those who have done it, and thanks.
  2. freeloader1969

    freeloader1969 Member

    Probably damaged the control arm where the ball joint sits and it's out of round now. I had the same problem on my 2009 Escape after hitting a curb. IMHO, it's just as easy to change the lower control arm than it is to replace the ball joint on our Stangs.
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  3. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Senior Member

    The original balljoint is swaged into the control arm and not intended to be replaced. Ford wants you to replace the control arm to get a new balljoint. You can replace the joint but like you found out, it has to be done in a press and you may have to grind away some of the swaged metal.
  4. Logan541

    Logan541 Junior Member

    You can find many companies who make arms for our cars with the joint already pressed in. Its usually cheaper or same prices as just the joint. It is way easier to change the arm instead of the joint takes about 20-30 minutes with simple hand tools and jack stands. You can look an it and figure out how to do it pretty simple I am sure there is probably a youtube video on it somewhere
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  5. Juice

    Juice forum member

    I have replaced just balljoints on mine. Total PITA. Had a very difficult time getting the snap ring on the new balljoint. I did use a hydraulic press to remove old. New one wasnt anywhere near as tight, thus the need for the snapring.
    Good news is, your hydro bushings are probably need replacing too. I see 2 new control arms in your future.
    Note: turn steering to right lock, and you can replace the left arm without removing/losening the steering rack. ;)
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  6. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    Design concept is to replace the arm. You are better off doing such because the bigger bushing is a Hydro Bushing. It is liquid filled and can cause noise or change ride quality if wearing out.
  7. Monkeyporn

    Monkeyporn forum member

    I'm gonna chirp in and say that for the price of repairing the old ball joint with labor and time and the pain in the ass factor. You would be better off to just replace both lower control arms with the GT500 ones. Thats what I did mine were worn out and I up graded them and it was far less trouble then trying to press ball joints in and out.
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  8. cavero

    cavero forum member

    Having done both be ways, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say it is FAR easier to replace the whole arm than pressing the ball joint out. And then you have to worry about pressing the new one in.
    Replacing the whole arm is just 3 bolts (one front, two on the rear). The front bolts are partially blocked by the steering rack like Juice alluded to but it's pretty easy to move out of the way
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  9. dodgerblueblood

    dodgerblueblood Junior Member

    Just got done doing mine 3 weeks ago. Control arms only real choice. I had bought the ball joints by themselves also, but re-thought that plan.
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