3V into a retired NASCAR.... just getting started.

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    A few months ago I found a retired Boris Said roadrace NECKCAR and thought it'd make a cool street car (Duke boys style).

    Next, I went off searching for a V8 GT manual (and damn near lost faith in humanity at the amount of autos and V6s compared to v8/sticks).

    A few days ago I found this sweet, low mileage '06 that got intimate with a phone pole.

    Drove up to Atlanta with $1400. Fired it up to put it on the trailer and discovered it had a new Roush racing (SS, I think) cat back on it and a Hurst Shifter. The bad part is one of the stock wheels got a busted lip, so I cant fix up the car hauler with new shoes.

    The radiator was cracked so I don't have any road miles, but the car seems solid. I got the bill of sale where the kid I got it from paid over $12K in November. Poor guy couldn't afford to put tires on it. Two weeks ago he depreciated he hell out of it, so I think I did pretty good.

    Now I just have to figure out what tuner I need to buy to let the engine be freestanding (and alter the tune for the long tubes and intake it's about to get), build motor mounts, find a 9" 3rd member, measure for a drive shaft, and slap a license plate on it! :)

    The downside is I'm a Buick Grand National expert and this is my first mod motor. I'm eager to get it pulled, wire dieted, and parted out but I still have some research to do. I want to see it run with a normal key and a reflash before I start the demo.

    What really sucks is I found a thread on here about pulling the transmission yoke and it looks like I might not have the slip yoke I wanted.
    I got an 05+ so I would get a hydraulic clutch and I wanted a live axle so I'd get a slip yoke. Looks like I might have a solid output yoke, and a 2 piece factory driveshaft with some sort of slip joint. I hope that's not the case, because that really over-complicate$ my custom driveshaft. :(

    Anyway, this should be a fun project, and fairly easy all things considered.

    Once I learn and overcome all the hurdles the Ford factory throws at me.
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    Sorry I'm not much help here, but upon seeing this post I have to ask... You can get that thing to be street legal?
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    It's not going to be exactly 'street legal', but I am going to put a license plate on it and drive my ''2001 Ford Taurus'' on the street. :)
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    Great deal!
    Standalone Management is relatively inexpensive and straight forward. Ill eventually go to mega squirt.
    Everyone switches to single piece driveshafts. You wont have issues. Sounds like an awesome project so keep us updated.