5.4 3v Swap

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    Had an idea...a 5.4 from an 09-10 F150 or 09-14 Expedition swap into my 07 GT. I've only found a few instances of this swap, but it seems like it should be a fairly simple swap. My goal is to have a bigger engine for as cheap as possible. Here's the research I've done so far:

    1: Get the 09+ engine to eliminate spark plug issues with the 5.4
    2: Both engines are 3v, wiring is the same for sensors and should be a simple tune
    3: Connecting rods are a limiting rev factor, new ones will fix this issue
    4: Truck intake is too tall for this engine bay, and is geared for torque. Solution is using a pair of intake adapters from Shelby Mike's to use the original 4.6 intake on the 5.4
    5: The 3v 5.4 is about 100 lbs heavier, suspension mods will be able to fix sagging, along with weight distribution/lightening
    6: Engine lowering mounts will add room at top of engine
    7: Possible clearance issues between the driver's exhaust manifold and steering column

    For those who may have done this, did I miss anything? Overall, so far I am looking at about $3000 to get an engine, rebuild it, and get a tune. Need to get more info (parts I haven't thought of, exhaust modification) for final numbers before purchasing anything.
  2. tjm73

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    I don't think anyone here has done this. I also don't think any gains are going to be worth the cost, hassle and effort. Especially with the available power from any blower or turbo.

    I've read that fuel delivery quality can be spotty wit intake spacers.

    If you actually go through with this idea it will be interesting to see the results.

    I have a 2008 5.4 3V in my F150. It's kind of a turd from a high performance standpoint. Great for towing though.
  3. GT-apb

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    My thoughts were along the lines that this would be more cost effective than doing a stroker kit by building a separate engine until its ready for install. I would also like to add some sort of power adder later on. I'll look into fuel delivery with spacers, thanks for mentioning that. I'll base my findings on folks using adapters on the 4v, others if I can find them. I believe since the 5.4 you have has the same heads and cams, the issue lies with the tune and intake in order to make more power.
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    Only thing I know about a 5.4 swap is from the 2V new edge mustangs. Issue generally is you need adaptors to run the 4.6L manifold and at higher RPMs the 4.6L manifold doesn't pull enough air in and chokes the engine up. Now this isn't first hand experience just what I have heard and read over the years. The gains generally are not great and only done when the previous 4.6L blew up. Add in the fuel mileage generally sucks in the 5.4L
  5. stv_huff

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    Why not just spend $3k on rebuilding the motor.
  6. Dino Dino Bambino

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    Unless there was catastrophic damage to the original motor, rebuilding it with forged rods/pistons, billet oil pump, and upgraded timing set/guides/phasers seems like the obvious thing to do.
  7. Shaffe

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    I don't think it would be worth it personally. You would pretty much be doing it just to say you have a 5.4 in there. There are better routes for performance gains
  8. 01yellerCobra

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    Personally if I ever did a 5.4 swap into one of these cars it would be a GT500 engine complete with the blower.
  9. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    Plus the TR6060 transmission.
  10. GT-apb

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    This is my daily driver, I need to have a second engine to build. My goal is to build in stages, and while I'd love to swap the GT500 engine with a supercharger, im not ready for that kind of project.

    Anyway,I found these two swaps on the site, the first one is spyder7724, and his thread seems to have been a success.


    The second has no info as far as numbers or pics, so I'm taking this one with a grain of salt: https://www.s197forum.com/threads/how-to-swap-a-5-4-into-your-mustang.41023/
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    Flapjack do her still has or had a twin turbo 5.4 in his car.
    The biggest thing the 5.4 has against it in N/A form is that it has a very long stroke and too small of a bore. You'll need some serious head work to make power past 5000 RPM's with a N/A 5.4.
    The right way to make a bigger mod motor is to start with the boss block, stock crank, coyote rods, and a 3.7" bore piston. Even with stock 3v heads and less displacement, it will still probably make a bunch more HP than the 5.4 and will have big RPM potential. Throw on a worked set of heads, a ford racing intake, and cams and you'll have mid 400's at the wheels.
  12. GT-apb

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    I agree the 5.4 needs boosting. Im really only looking to go up to 5000 rpm, Im not racing. I would rather do a coyote swap (more worthwhile, but more expensive), but I guess I am just looking to do something no one else does.
  13. 01yellerCobra

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    Sometimes there's a reason people don't go a certain route. As long as these cars have been around I'd say most avenues have been tested.

    Years ago a guy in my old club dropped a 5.4 in his new edge GT. Said it had great torque, but it ran out of breath quick.

    If you want different build a Boss block set up. I had one in my 01 Cobra. Tons of torque and still spun to 6500. Was even more fun with a centri on top of it.
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  14. spyder7724

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    Swap to a 5.4 was easy. Back then I was going for N/A power so the easiest way to do it was adding cubic inches. The intake was my biggest hurdle just cause I needed something that made power up to 7500rpms. Justin @ JPC got me one of his sheet metal 3V intakes unwelded so I could fab it up on a 5.4 and worked flawless.
    Swap info... Headers worked fine, I used a set of prothane mounts and shortened them about 3/4" to lower the engine. The crossmember can be flipped upside down to lower to trans and keep everything lined up. All the accessories bolt right up and I used all the factory wiring, a/c lines & power steering hoses. My thread here has pretty much everything.
    If you decide to swap i would not use the truck intake. They suck above 4500rpms. A good intake and some cams really wake up a 5.4 3 valve.
  15. Vandal

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    Curious if you looked at swapping a 4 valve or was your intent to always swap a 3 valve? I was looking last night at the Lincoln Navigator 5.4 engine. Curious if it was an option you had considered.

    Also, does the extra weight do much to the handling?
  16. GT-apb

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    Thanks spyder for replying, not sure if I will wind up going with the 5.4 swap or not. Still considering it, but also thinking of going with a DOB supercharger.

    I never really thought about doing the 4V swap, because my thinking was the 3V 5.4 would be a more straightforward swap. The extra weight would be similar to what the 07-12 GT500 would experience, a bit of understeer. To counter this, better suspension parts (ie: sway bars, springs, etc) would help, moving weight to the back, and with lightening the front to get the ideal 50/50 weight front to back. If I missed something with this, someone chime in.