60 to 100 MPH times.

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  1. LarryJM

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    Anyone ever heard of this? It seem these times are used in Europe to tell Dyno HP of a engine. They have a typical stock Coyote Mustang at 5 seconds flat. Put that figure through a calculator and that is 450 HP and 12.7 1/4 miles times. It also gives another figure on 1/4 mile time. It's drive it like you hate it figure with sticky tires at 12.1 seconds.
  2. eighty6gt

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    depends on aero and tyres

    not a bad metric
  3. stkjock

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    60-130 much more popular here, good for bakery racing... I did a pull once in the Shelby 6.0
  4. LarryJM

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    There is a flat stretch along I-81 that is posted 75 with average slow lane traffic at 85 and if your in the fast lane, count on a Chevy Cruze tailgating you at 90. So a quick 60 to 100 test is not a big deal.
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    What’s the formula for this? Curious to try it out myself.
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    This is on the internet under 60 to 100 times. It give a list of cars and times plus a calculator. A Corvette Z06 at 4.7 seconds and so on. The biggest issue in I-81 is getting down to 60 without someone honking their horn.
  7. Norm Peterson

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    And I assume axle and transmission gearing as well. I can't see 60 - 100 in 5.0 being possible starting from 60 in a 1.00:1 transmission gear and typical street axle gearing. You'd be under 3000 rpm.

    60 - 100 and stk's 60 - 130 sound like much more useful metrics for road course track rats than the usual 0 - 60, 60-ft, and 1/8 and 1/4 ETs. They should be decent indicators of how well any given car can get off a medium-slow corner (and how easy or hard it might be to pull off a pass there).

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  8. LarryJM

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    There is a shift point someplace in there. A 60 to 100 in third has no shift point. Although you might hit the rev limiter at around 99.
  9. Juice

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    Spec like this has been given for sportbikes for years. It is called "top gear roll on" time, 60-80mph.
  10. GriffX

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    I have a 60-100 time in 4th gear, 4.6 GT, 3.73, CAI Bamatune
    8.9 s (60-80 4.4 s)

    But, these times are not really comparable, because you need perfect flat street and no strong winds condition. I don't know if my time is fast or slow, I use it to compare modifications I did.