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  1. TzReddy

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    Friend of mine is looking for a complete 6060 swap for his 08. I will be buying his 6r80 setup he has in it now but he needs the swap before we can deal. Let me know if anyone knows of any.
  2. 46addict

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    Put me second in line for this. I am looking as well and located in north Georgia.
  3. PLee

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    A friend of mine has two brand new 2012+ 6060's that he will probably make a deal on. He only has the transmissions however- no shifters, etc. Located in Michigan... text me if you'd like to chat about it: 248.808.3343.
  4. Falkwa

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    I’m just south of Indianapolis and have a full swap I’d sell. Mgw, rst ect ect

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  5. NickD87

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    Please PM me with pricing for the trans and or swap

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  6. Darin

    Darin forum member

    I am in Dallas GA 30157, west and a little north of Atlanta. I have the full swap - TR6060 from Astro, cross member, Ford Performance aluminum DS, Exedy Stage 2 clutch with throw out bearing, ARP pressure plate bolts, MGW shifter, ACT forged steel flywheel, reverse solenoid plug. All new parts not installed. I will have to figure out a price and message anyone here later that's interested. I have a lot of money in this and I wont give it away but price will be less than if you bought it all now.
  7. Darin

    Darin forum member

    My cost / the current cost with all the parts listed. The TR6060s are now $1995 plus shipping from Astro which should total at about $2100 so I am already saving you $200 there. The crossmembers are getting harder to find too, took me about 1 month to locate one, and I don't know about finding one now.
    Here is what I have which is everything you need to put a TR6060 in your GT:
    Reverse lockout solenoid harness - $9.50
    Crossmember - $265.00
    Driveshaft - $700.00
    Excedy Mach 500 clutch kit $570.00 (includes throw-out bearing, heavy duty clutch line, but no pilot bearing)
    MGW shifter $375.00
    ACT Prolite Xact forged flywheel - $293.00
    Arp pressure plate bolts - $22.00
    GT-500 TR-6060 6 Speed Transmission - $1900 (from Astro Performance and these are now about $2100 delivered)
    My total cost was $4134.50 and I'll take about $300 off of that for a total savings to you of $500 because of the TR6060 price increase.

    $3850 picked up I will not ship.

    20180913_135852.jpg 20180913_135900.jpg 20180913_135919.jpg 20180913_140052.jpg