Alarm system recommendation for an 06 GT..

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by 406guy, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Hello, I want to put an alarm on my early model S197. I want something reliable and decently easy to install. Can anyone recommend a model/brand that has worked well in their S197?
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    Don't you have a factory one? Nothing is really any better... Theft of the car isn't an issue unless they have a key, the immobilizer (PATS) system is standard. Alarm or not, if they want your stereo, or what's in your car, they're getting it. You know how many people ignore car alarms now? So many false alarms, and owners causing them by accident; no one cares anymore. I hear them outside every single day, I don't even look... 10 to 1, it's the person that just got out of the car, or accidentally set it off...
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  3. Macman45

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    Easiest, cheapest and probably most effective is tap into the fuel pump harness and mount a toggle switch under the driver seat. Park the car, flip the switch, pump gets no voltage. They can Hotwire, bump start or even use your own key and it isn't going more than about 5 feet.
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    Easier to do that right at the inertia switch. Cut one of the wires, and wire
    them to a switch. Same deal, without power to the switch, there is no
    fuel. It should be behind the driver side kick panel, look through the hood
    release lever hole for the RED top button.

    Though, it will be facing straight up.
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