Another S197 Coyote Swap thread

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    Hi Guys,

    Just setting up a placeholder to document upcoming coyote swap project. Still waiting to sell my current 4.6L before sinking cash into the new power house but wanted to get the ball rolling and open a venue for exchanging information and seeking assistance for the inevitable questions that arise during the process.

    Install Ford Racing 5.0 Coyote Crate + Control Pack + TR-6060 transmission into my 2009 Mustang GT

    The car today:




    My garage assistant in the car with me:


    Sweet new lift I installed in my garage last week to make things a bit easier:


    That's all for now!

  2. braupe

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    SUB'd! What did that lift run you?
  3. KatoS197

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    Do you even.....lift? Lol

    Can't wait to see the progress!
  4. weather man

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    Curious if you checked the concrete thickness before lift install?

    Good luck with the transplant!
  5. Nutter281

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    Was right around $2800 shipped. I went with the Triumph C-7000 from national auto tool: HERE

    It is portable so I can unbolt one of the columns and move to the side of the garage when not being used. So far it's pretty awesome, might be the most enjoyable tool I have ever purchased!

    Here's another pic of it holding my 2009 F150 FX4 supercrew:


    It honestly didn't show 'any' signs of groaning whatsoever with the truck or the mustang.

    Bro. I don't even lift.:party52:

    Yes sir - I was actually pretty sure my concrete would not be thick enough and was planning to cut and pour new footings where they would be bolted. The spec requires 4" and the way houses are made in central Texas these days.... I had no delusions of quality LOL. I just took a 3/8" hammer bit and about 6" from where I planned the columns to be located I drilled a pilot hole starting at 4" and then stuck the depth stick of my calipers down the hole checking for solid bottom. I got to 5" and ran out of bit length on my 3/8" so I figured it was good enough. I had to use 1" hammer bit down to 4" depth on all the lugs and I checked the bottoms on each of them - all rock solid so should be good to go!

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    Finally someone else is doing this and making a thread on it. What are your plans an far as ps, ac, gauges, etc?

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    This is gonna be a good thread.

  8. eddieval5

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    Ill be watching this thread! Are you selling engine as a longblock or short?
  9. roberts

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    I want one of those lifts!! How much room u got to have from the floor to the ceiling?
    I know i saw the maxjax lift and it clears 8ft ceilings but does this one!!??
  10. Nutter281

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    Hey Eddie - looking to sell it as complete long block for now but if that doesn't work out if consider parting it and selling the short block separate. Just seems like a shame to part a perfect low-mileage engine but who knows.

    I've got 10ft ceilings in my garage and at that height the roof of the mustang is pretty close to the ceiling but I can walk under without having to tilt my head too much (I'm 5'11")

    I looked at the Maxjax too and was going to buy it before finding this one. Two things sold me on this over Maxjax:

    1. This 'can' go to 72" should you have the ceiling to support it - which is nice.
    2. This has a ratchetting steel safety catch every 3 inches so your car doesn't drop should you blow a hose while lifting and gives you way more flexibility on the resting height of the car. The Maxjax has a safety bar that gets put in place after you reach desired height but no auto-safety on the way up. Also, only has two height settings from factory (though one can easily drill a few more which is what I would have done).

    I think either would be awesome - like I say, most enjoyable tool I've ever owned. Like, just bored on Saturday so I lifted the mustang to fine tune the geometry of my long tube headers and h-pipe system interconnects that were previously unpleasant to access on jack stands. That kind of awesome :)

  11. wht67

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    Interested on this stuff too.
  12. Jkoogler

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    Buying a lift was my best investment ever on my back. Good on the conversion. I would talk to lito about conversion.
  13. Nutter281

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    So let's not jump to any conclusions that I have this whole thing figured out yet! LOL I think there is still going to be much to figure out on the gauges but i'm committed to figuring it out with the assistance of the people :idea:

    Anyways, for the things I 'do' know:

    Going with FRPP crate coyote + control pack:
    M-6007-M50AK - this is basically a no brainer, recently released, this package includes the assembled long block and the control pack that normally costs $1600 for essentially the same price as the assembled long block.

    As mentioned, I'm planning to keep the original AC and hydraulic power steering which can be done using the Power By The Hour conversion kit HERE

    I also intend to keep all of my original gauges. Could wind up being a nightmare but it's not a daily driven car, I have persistence, an engineering degree, and I want a coyote in my '09 without replacing the dash and steering rack so this crap is going to get figured out one way or another :)

    I'll keep good notes and we'll try to make this an easier path to follow for future generations....

  14. dream07

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    Great project. I just wanted to add that the Control Pack uses a return style fuel system. Figure that into your "to do list."
  15. Reyes351

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    I urged a friend to buy your engine just so you had the go ahead! xD
    I'm also very curious on the front calipers and apex wheels you're running.
    If you're on instagram, i_2fast4you_i is almost done with a coyote swap on an '06.
    Check it out! It's a pretty neat build!
  16. lito

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    OP, if you have questions, PM.
  17. Nutter281

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    Heck yeah man! I think I mentioned it in another thread, but your original thread on the coyote swap was my inspiration. I've read through that entire thread more times than I can count and am thinking of just typing up a cliff-notes version of it to post in here (cut out the pages and pages of commentary and have all of the facts or answers to FAQs in one spot).

    Anyways, will absolutely be picking your brain.


  18. weather man

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    That would make a great sticky! Mods!
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    :smiley-face-popcorn This is going to be a cool project. Love the lift too, good purchase! Good luck on everything!