Vorshlag Gen2 Coyote Swap in 2010 Mustang GT Road Race car

Discussion in 'Corner Carver Racing Tech Discussion' started by Vorshlag-Fair, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Vorshlag-Fair

    Vorshlag-Fair Official Site Vendor Official Vendor

    Yes we have made a number of one-off, full width, tubular bumper beams that are both curved and bent to fit.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There is a lot of custom fiddling to make these fit correctly, mount the bumper cover to, etc. As Jason mentioned we do this to be able to make custom splitter mounts, oil cooler, mounts, make more room for rolled radiators, etc.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We have had a number of requests to replicate these for the S197 and I have been slowly staffing up to be able to tackle turning these fab-intensive one-off jobs like this into production versions. The S197 is likely the first one we will replicate, then the S550, then go back and attack ones like the BMW E46, 86, and some others.


    We've had some of our customer cars crash into other cars with these wider bumper beams and they fared much better than the cars with narrow versions or stock bumper beams. There are good reasons to do this....

    More soon,
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  2. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    Thanks for the update! Sweet build look forward to future updates.
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  3. Sky Render

    Sky Render Stig's Retarded Cousin S197 Team Member

    That was my next question, and that kind of makes me want one. What's the weight compared to stock? Any idea?

    Also, the white S197 has mismatched headlights, and now my automotive OCD is making my eye twitch.
  4. RED09GT

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    The extra room for mega sized intercoolers looks enticing. The possibilities of the extra space between the radiator and the engine would be so nice for us turbo guys as well.
  5. 1950StangJump$

    1950StangJump$ forum member


    With heat exchangers for the S197 getting bigger and better (ala DOB Titantic and Super Single), it would be good to be able to open the bumper up a little. That obviously means plastic/fiberglass fabrication in addition to the bumper bar, but there is potential for a badass look and functionality. Imagine that lower grill area on the S197 being made taller and revealing more of a good looking HE.
  6. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    More please...
  7. 1ohiostang

    1ohiostang Junior Member

    Very impressive
  8. race4food

    race4food forum member

    Those vacuum diaphragms you guys were talking about activate the Intake manifold runners controls (IMRC) and have nothing to do with the VVT.
    They open the butterflies in the intake about 3700rpm.
    The VVT lock outs you were talking about are for when larger cams are used and you have an unskilled tuner who doesn’t understand enough about the coyote and can not chance the timing events properly or if you are using a gen1 where you have less control over the VVT system.
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