Bringing the GT500 Cluster Boost Gauge back to life!

Discussion in '2007+ Mustang GT500 Tech' started by 08Eleanor, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, so I finally got around to buying the GT500 instrument cluster (plus dash, so if anyone wants my complete IUP silver dash w/ vents and pass airbag let me know).

    The boost gauge obviously will not work even though I have a supercharger, but I am fairly certain that there is a way to bring it back from the dead!

    The GT500 has an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system which is a pollution control device. On the 3V, there is no EGR system, the VCT takes the place of it.

    In the EGR valve there is a MAP sensor which is sent to the PCM on Pin 62 of Connector C175E (EGR system module, input (MAP)).

    I checked my GT harness and sure enough, in pin 62 there is no wire!

    I thought initially I might be able to hack into the cluster and hard wire a sensor output to the gauge, but the cluster consists of stepper motors controlled by a microprocessor. I hoped that the cluster was receiving an analog signal, however, it receives the boost pressure via the high speed CAN connection.

    As it isn't really possible to hack a CAN signal into the closed system of the car, the only way to get it to work would be to get the PCM to send the CAN data out so the cluster can receive it. It turns out I have SCT Advantage III and didn't realize it for 3 years. My dongle isn't registered though so I will be calling on monday and getting it activated, but anyways, I know the EGR signal can be activated in the Advantage software.

    So, I figured if I could find out what kind of signal the EGR (MAP) is on pin 62 from a GT500, then I could create a circuit to convert the pressure using a pressure transducer and connect it to pin 62, activate the EGR signal in Advantage software, flash the computer, and hope that the gauge comes to life!

    If anyone has a GT500 and a multimeter, or better yet an oscilloscope, (or lives in LA) let me know and I can tell you how to probe pin 62.
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    Wish this thread took off... Was just thinking of putting an Arduino board in between a vac/boost sensor and the GT500 boost gauge pin(s). Like the OP, don't know what type of signal the gauge would require. Any new knowledge of the GT500 boost gauge signal would be appreciated.