Can It Go 9's?

Discussion in 'Drag Racing Tech Discussion & Timeslips' started by JLear, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. bunits19714

    bunits19714 forum member

    Ah come on- I feel the same way my car has hit the rev limiter 40-50 times at full boost- because of the converter lock up or lack there of. Just waiting for the time the OPG's are going to fail. Got a new tune in it now,started back from scratch on the trans setting car seems to like it on the 3 street pulls I did- never ran it to 135mph to see but every thing seemed good at 120-125 on the back roads at wot. We shall see fri, and sat this weekend. hopefully on Monday I won't be ordering a 2015-16 short block from ford- lol!
  2. dragpac

    dragpac forum member

    Congrats man that's hauling
  3. JLear

    JLear 2014 GT

    Thanks guys, now I'm thinking about a short block. Never ends lol.
  4. T400Mustang

    T400Mustang Junior Member

    A couple questions on your Mustang... are you still receiving posts?
  5. crjackson2134

    crjackson2134 Member

    He hasn’t posted here in years.

    His last posted times were:
    VMP Gen2 TVS 9.68 @ 142.59
  6. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    Besides, running 9's was so yesterday
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