First time at track with twin turbos

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    2012 GT auto stock gears, it is my daily
    Hellion 62mm twin turbo on 5lbs boost - 561rwhp and 460rqtrq
    Nitto nt555r 305 on 10in rim(will swap to 11in rim once my toyos are dead) - I will admit I did not drop enough tire pressure out of them, lowest was around 20.5 with warm tires
    Koni yellows with front full stiff rear full soft
    Ebaich springs, bmr rear ower and upper control arms with the relocals and brackets, bmr panhard
    I was leaving off idle as I have never launched a turbo car/foot brake bumped in
    Was 80 degrees today
    Now to the numbers
    Best of 11.574 @ 126.16mph
    60ft 1.985
    1/8 7.656 @ 98.74

    Prior to turbos (tuner for turbos dyno'd prior to install to check everything was good and it was at like 350rwhp I think) at same track I ran a 12.19 at 115 best time and a 1.9xx 60ft iirc, but was also like 60 degrees. Other runs on 70+ degree days I ran 12.2-12.3 at 112-114 or so.

    Overall kind of let down with the runs, I was hoping for a low 11. I will work on foot brake bumping in before my next visit but I am on the stock converter so cant rev it out all the way, hopefully this will at least give me a tenth or two. If anyone has any tips/pointers I would appreciate it, I will be going to my tuner soon to chat also
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  2. Dino Dino Bambino

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    With a 126mph trap speed your car should be capable of high 10s. That should give you some encouragement.
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  4. tjm73

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    There is at least a half second in your 60' alone.
  5. stkjock

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    a better converter and some tires and you'll pick up a ton of ET
  6. fdjizm

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    Time for a higher stall converter!
  7. OX1

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    Any reason only 5 PSI?