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    I have replaced pretty much my entire front suspension over the last 4 months and each step i take seems to improve the ride and handling. There was a rather significant "clunk" sound whenever I would make a turn, replaced the sway bar end links, which looked like they were about to fall apart. The clunking is significantly reduced but now I am looking at replacing the struts, maybe the springs as well. I rather like the stock ride height, are there any good strut and spring sets out there that are a really good deal that you guya can recommend?
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    you will never get rid of the clunking

    - vorschlag told me to get a 3 series.

    Good luck!
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    Mine had a clunk that ended up being the sway bar bushings on the frame. I replaced the stock ones with polyurethane bushings.
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    Did the poly bushings make it ride less smooth? Can you feel more vibration?
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    Which front suspension components did you replace? It would help us to know which ones you haven't replaced.
    If you haven't already done them, I'd suggest you replace the sway bar bushings on the radiator support with urethane units. They won't affect the ride but they'll reduce body roll during hard cornering if the old rubber bushings have perished.
    If you're going to replace the struts (Koni STR.T are a nice upgrade over stock and not too expensive), it's a golden opportunity to upgrade to GT500 strut mounts in the process. Your car shouldn't need new springs especially if you're keeping the ride height stock.
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    Ive replaced the steering rack, outer tie rod ends, entire lower control arm assembly (was cheaper and easier than replacing ball joints and bushings), sway bar end links, and the strut mounts. Good call on the sway bar bushings, might as well change them out when I do the struts.