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Discussion in '2005+ Ford Mustang v6 4.0L Tech' started by Mirage, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Mirage

    Mirage Junior Member

    Can't seem to find much info on this so I thought I'd ask the forum.

    I replaced my 11 year old stock fuel pump a while ago with another assembly from Spectra Performance. Since then I can't seem to get the jet pump to work. I get down to about 3/8 of a tank (indicated on my fuel gauge or about 224 miles), and I run out of gas. I pull the pump and the drivers side is empty, and the passenger side is pretty much full. (like 4 or 5 gallons left). I've pulled the pump out several times, checking for possible leaks and/or cracks in tubing, anything. But I see no reason why it shouldn't work. Does anyone know if the o-rings on the quick connect piping are replaceable? or do I have to find another transfer pipe (which I see no part number for on Ford parts web sites or drawings)?

    Any help, thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 46addict

    46addict 13726548

    The passenger side "pump" does not actually move fuel from what I understand. It's more of a measuring tool for fuel level readings. The male end for the transfer tube at the driver's side pump needs to be clocked (at the 2 o'clock position I believe, if you are looking at it from top down) in order for the tube to be free of kinks. This is assuming the quick connect was clicked on securely.

    On second thought, if this was a transfer tube issue, the engine should shut down with the gauge reading at 1/2 tank, not with 3/8 left. This makes me wonder if the level sensor on the Spectra unit is up to par. If you have been getting 224-ish miles per tank in the past, then it's most likely a sticking level sensor on your driver's side pump.
  3. Wes06

    Wes06 forum member

    i think the ecu reads kinda funny when the one that should be going down first stays up, and the other one drops.

    he said theres fuel on passenger side, but not on driver, so that sounds a lot like a fuel cross-over problem. As said above, double check the cross over, that you didnt bend it, not fully connect it, that its where it should be on passenger side. And go over your connections on the driver side pump, maybe something got put in backwards?
  4. Mirage

    Mirage Junior Member

    Ok, to clear things up a bit, yes there is an issue with the sending units, but they read accurately for the most part. I used to get over 320 miles per tank, the 224 miles I quoted was where I should seriously stop and get gas. Today I made 229 miles with no problem, but I don't trust it. In the past, When I've "run out" of gas, I've opened both sides of the tank, the passenger side would have 4-5 gallons left and the drivers side would be empty, almost bone dry.

    I've built a new hat, with a good used GT fuel pump, and sender, and I have a good used sender for the passenger side. Hopefully will install next weekend. I'll let you ll know how it goes.
  5. JeremyH

    JeremyH 3V Fuel Guru S197 Team Member


    Thats a good step, those spectre hats are pretty unreliable. Also make sure your crossover line is not twisted or kinked when you hook it back up to the fuel hat.
  6. RickC

    RickC Junior Member

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm curious if the OP figured this out. I'm having the exact same issue with a new (generic name) fuel pump in my 2005 GT. I run out of gas with 4-5 gallons left in the passenger tank. The computer says I have 60 miles to empty, and a refill only takes 11-12 gallons. It wasn't like that with the original pump. I'm planning to pull out the cross-over tube to see if maybe it is kinked or cracked, but if there is already an answer it would be much appreciated!

  7. Greg Hazlett

    Greg Hazlett Stepping on the Pink Bus Official Vendor S197 Team Member

    PM JeremyH on here, he is very knowledgeable about the fuel system.
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