Gen2 F-150 5.0 into 2011 GT

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  1. Roger Bell

    Roger Bell Junior Member

    Hi everyone. Here is a swap project I have been working on. A summary of what I have done, and why, is below, and a question or two at the end.

    First, why? My son and I have a 2006 project car for which we are planning a full driveline, and interior swap from a not-yet-purchased write-off donor car. I bought a 2011 donor car from Copart with mechanical issues, but a running engine. Got the car up to Canada and the engine is wrecked. #7 piston exploded, wrecked hole #7, con-rod snapped, took out the crank bearings, destroyed the crank at #7, and all that wreckage spread through the engine and buggered up everything else, including the intake manifold. Looked at a rebuild but the machining alone was going to be ridiculously expensive. Shame on Copart for saying engine ran, and shame on me for blindly trusting that claim. But buyer beware, so it is what it is. So the plan changed. The donor car is actually quite nice, other than the engine, so we are fixing it up to sell, and then will source a different donor car. Mustang engines of this vintage are hard to come by in Canada, but F-150 coyotes are everywhere. Found a 2016 with next to no miles on it (4400).

    Second, what? Initial findings with the F-150 engine were that I needed to make the following modifications to make it work in the Mustang. I was looking for the path of least resistance on this, as at this stage, we aren't doing a performance build:
    1) transplant 2011 engine harness
    2) transplant 2011 coil packs (different physical connectors on the 2016)
    3) transplant 2011 VCT solenoids (different physical connectors on the 2016)
    4) transplant 2011 oil pan (for the low oil level sensor)
    5) did a CMCV/IMRC lock-out on the 2016 intake manifold
    6) modified the 2011 harness at the oil pressure sensor to add about 4" of length (further down the OFA on the 2016)
    7) purchased an adapter so I could transplant the 2011 oil pressure sensor (which is 1/4" NPT) to fit the 2016 OFA (metric), due to different connector and pin-out on the 2016
    8) purchased an oil filter relocation kit (Derale 15725) due to lack of clearance between the F-150 OFA and the sway bar
    9) modified the 2016 valve covers to accept the 2011 appearance covers (just because)

    I think that's everything. I chose to install a new clutch and slave because I had everything apart. I will update if I remember any other changes that matter. All other sensors appear compatible, as are the injectors. I am just waiting for the oil filter relocation kit to arrive, and then will be ready to fire it up.

    My question is about the VCT solenoids and the different cam lift and dwell on the 2016 cams. I haven't found any info about whether or not the 2011 ECU will be happy with the different cam specs? Basically, is it smart enough to notice the difference and will I need to flash it somehow? I welcome any other questions or suggestions, of course. Please bear in mind that this is a minimal intervention attempt. The car is to be a nice cruiser, but doesn't need to win races. My research indicates that the different torque specs on the gen2 F-150 engine will make it a competent runner in the mustang as it is.

  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    You must change the internal timing components of the Gen 2 engine to run it with a gen 1 pcm. At minimum, you will get a check engine light, or worse. May not even start. You cannot fix this with a tune. At that point, might as well put the mustang cams in it. Sorry, the path of least reaistance is not what you wanted to hear.
  3. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Tbe second issue you may run into with, lets call it a cam swap, if the pcm is not happy with rhe "new cams", it will limit power at the worst possible time. These coyote PCMs are very sensitive to changes in calculated vs expected torque, and the fly-by-wire sadety features kick in. Remember the unintended acceleration issues with toyota? Lots of built in safeties.
  4. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    At the very least swap the intake cams from the Mustang engine into the F150. You might also need the Mustang oil pan in which case you can swap the windage tray as well.
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