Grinding Noise

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    Tried looking at other posts first, but didn't see anything similar. I have a 2006 manual with 92K miles on it and I'm getting a grinding from the front end. It's pretty bad when you're in the forward gears keeping RPMs or decelerating after acceleration, but won't do it at idle in neutral. Not sure if it's related or not, but you occasionally will hear a bearing during regular idle. I've tried swapping the transmission clutch throwout bearing and fly wheel, and the mechanic redid the timing and replaced the alternator on their suggestion. They didn't state that they saw any other kind of issues with the motor while redoing the timing Obviously those were dead ends that didn't work or I wouldn't be here. All other pulleys on the front seem to be tight as should be.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. If needed I could record a video and upload it to youtube and provide a link.
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    motor/trans mounts are probably shot