It's "that time"

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Danny Paladino, Nov 15, 2022.

  1. Danny Paladino

    Danny Paladino Junior Member

    Had the car out Sunday for a ride on some twisty country back the roads were treated with that evil "brine" pre-treat and it's snowing as we is snug in the garage now till April......let the winter mods begin!
  2. gbstang

    gbstang Member

    Glad I am in South Carolina!
  3. AHaze

    AHaze Member

    My Mustang went into hibernation a couple weeks ago. I used to get pretty bummed out over this but a couple years ago I picked up a manual trans turbo Subaru to keep me entertained through winter. It's obviously not the same kind of fun as a 450 RWHP Mustang on dry pavement but offers enough hooning potential to keep me sane.
  4. redfirepearlgt

    redfirepearlgt forum member

    If its sunny and the roads aren't covered in ice melter crud of one type or other, I will get mine out in the winter and stretch its legs. Its a driver, not a concourse vehicle and most stuff will wash off. Its too cold for any traction to speak of but its still fun to try and the superchargers always love to gobble up that cold air. 2023 holds some drive line upgrades if the economy doesn't tank further and gas doesn't go to $20 a gallon (exaggeration.....I hope).
  5. JimC

    JimC Senior Member

    Mine will continue to hit the road. Its a car, meant to be driven and I use it all year long.

    Although it was nice when I lived down south and didn't really have to worry about snow and salt, and could drop the top on the convertible year round.
  6. RetDrumSgt

    RetDrumSgt Member

    My son will inherit my Convertible Mustang when I can no longer drive it. I'm over 84. It has no rust and I'm trying to keep it that way. When the snow and salt hits the roads, I don't. My winter car is a Chev Tahoe.

    It is a fun Christmas yard decoration from time to time. Here the melted snowman in the back seat.

    Melted snowman.jpg
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  7. Jim O

    Jim O Junior Member

    Battery tender is on. They have already put some salt down here in south western Ct. Not sure why, there we're 2 flurries. If we get some good rain I'll take the car out for a nice drive, but once the snow hits I put my cover on it and let it sit until late March.
  8. Laga

    Laga Senior Member

    It’s not quite that time yet. I just put a smaller pulley on the SC and I have to get it tuned by Lito before it goes into hibernation.
    The problem is, it’s getting harder and harder to find empty roads that I can go WOT long enough to get a good datalog safely, and not get thrown in jail. It’s a minimum 1.5 hour round trip just to get to the wide open country roads from my house. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather. Hopefully the traffic won’t be as heavy as it is today.
  9. JimC

    JimC Senior Member

    I swapped the Pirelli all season that were my winter tires for some Pirelli Scorpion winter tires to get ready for the season. We had snow last week and I couldn't get up the driveway with the all seasons. They were all at 4/32 it turns out so ready to replace anyway, but hardly any miles on them since I only used them for winter tires and they had 9/32 on them when I bought the wheels and tires last year.
  10. Iceman62

    Iceman62 Bullitt 6005

    Yep...had some freezing rain last week & roads were treated. Mine's sleeping until April showers bring clear roads. :(
  11. bujeezus

    bujeezus forum member

    Summers are brutal here in Bama but it's worth being able to drive the Bullitt year round...
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