Looking for ported heads.

Discussion in 'WTB Items and/or Parts' started by myystanng, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. myystanng

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    I’m looking for ported heads for my 3v.

    Had an issue on my livernois stage 3 and at least one head is bad.

    Let me know what you guys have

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  2. Derf08

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  3. myystanng

    myystanng forum member

    Thanks for the response man!

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  4. msvela448

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    I have a set of stock 3v heads (bare) I would sell that you could have worked over. They have a couple of broken exhaust studs, but nothing a machine shop couldn't take care of. I have the stock retainers and keepers and all the valves except 8 intakes that were bad (all 8 exhaust and the other 8 intakes are good). I have two sets of stock springs, and the stock cams too, but I doubt you want those. PM me if you want more info.

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  5. myystanng

    myystanng forum member


    Thank you for the offer, but I have another set of stock heads if I go that route

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  6. 08MustangDude

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    Buying someone else's ported heads won't match your intake, or your
    exhaust headers. You port your heads and intake to match the parts
    so there are no ledges if the ports on the used one you bought don't
    match with your intake manifold or exhaust headers.

    I the exhaust sides are too large, there will be a ledge at the header, and
    mess up the exhaust flow.

    If one or two of the intake sides are smaller than your intake, then you
    have a ledge that interferes with air-flow.

    Porting should match your components, not someone else's.

    POLISH the exhaust sides, not the intake.