Mating TR6060 to B326

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    Hey guys. So I got myself a TR6060 from a 2012 GT500. I’ve also got the accompanying 1 piece DSS driveshaft. I’ve read that the transmissions from the 2012 GT500s are different than the 07-09s?

    I’m ready to buy a clutch and flywheel. I estimate I’ll be around the 650whp to start.

    Brenspeed is recommending the RST clutch here, I was thinking the RXT.

    They also recommend this flywheel

    Both of those don’t list the 12 Gt500 as comparable.

    Can anybody steer me in the right direction so I can make one purchase instead of trial and error.
    B326 shortblock with the ‘12 TR6060.
    10.5”? 11”?

    Thanks a lot.
    Build thread to coming soon...
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    I have the RXT and like it. The flywheel depends on the engine. More specifically the crank. The only thing that really matters for the trans is the spline count on the input shaft matches the clutch disc. So I'd imagine you're fine on those flywheel and clutch choices. Just make sure to measure the clutch height and shim the TOB as needed.

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  3. 95ragtop

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    The only difference in the 2010+ trans is different 5/6th gears for better fuel economy. There were differences in the throwout bearing and clutches, that's why 2010+ are listed differently.

    As long as your flywheel and clutch are the correct size you can use them together. What you have listed will work great. The RXT upgrade will depend on your power goals.
  4. 46addict

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    A search turned up three different gear ratio setups for the 6060.

    2007 GT500: 2.97 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.80 0.63
    2011 GT500 2.97 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.74 0.50
    2013 GT500 2.66 1.82 1.30 1.00 0.77 0.50

    For the typical 3v I'd say get one of the first gen 6060s and pair it up with 4.30s but since you're starting off at 650 wheel you may be ok even with a 2.66 first gear and 3.73s.
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    i had a RXT clutch and a 8 bolt flywheel with my 3650 in my 08 bullitt.
    i upgraded to a 6060 13 track pack trans and a 1200hp RXT clutch, american muscle item # 390981. i couldn't use the flywheel that was in the car. the 1200hp clutch uses a special flywheel that isn't listed in the description . the flywheel is more like a flexplate with this clutch. the flywheel part is built into the clutch assembly. i had to call McLeod and pay overnight shipping to get it because i was doing the work in my friends shop and couldn't tie up a rack for a few days.

    also with this clutch you need the later throw out bearing. the clutch assembly sits a little deeper in the trans and is really difficult to get the input shaft into the proper place.
    if i had to do this swap over i think it would have been faster to remove the engine from the bottom and install the trans components with everything on the install table than install the trans with the engine in the car. TRANSLATED it took me almost 3 hours to get the input shaft into the clutch.
    *** NOTE i have a DOB intake with a TVS supercharger. i couldn't drop the back of the motor far enough to slide things together. the intake hit the firewall.
    i ended up removing the rear bolts to the BMR K member and loosened the front bolts until they were almost out, i loosened the motor mount bolts also.
    if i wasn't doing the job on a rack with several screw jacks i don't think i could have done the job. i know i couldn't have done the job laying on my back.
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  6. JeremyH

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    You will need to replace the slave with a standard GT slave as the 2011+ gt500 have a shorter slave and twin disc factory clutch. Other that it will bolt right up. 6 or 8 bolt flywheel depending on what crank you have and the rst or rxt are both great options for the clutch. You will need a gt500 crossmember and shifter as well of course.
  7. 06StangGT

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    The TOB is another piece I was hesitant on, as I’ve had mixed responses on which to buy.

    I Probably should have been more specific on my build. I’m running 4.10s and with the 2200, I’m guessing around the 650 mark before I upgrade the blower

    Good info here, thanks! Especially about piecing things together before going back into the car.

    I was thinking of pulling the engine straight out the front while I have the radiator support removed for replacement anyways. Hopefully somebody will chime in if this would be a hassle. I plan on doing the job on my garage floor....

    I’m going with the BMR standard height K member and I’ll need the boss engine mounts.

    Forgive my ignorance, but the standard GT slave, depending on where sold, looks like the longer of the two options.
    I was looking on LMR here, and wouldn’t I want the one for the 10-14 GT500? Part # DR3Z7A508A

    If so, think I’d be safe with this one? Same part number!

    Thanks guys !
  8. mrt2you

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    it will work just fine sliding the motor out after you remove the core support.
    it will make your job much easier if you paint the new core support before welding it in. you will be sure of full paint coverage, especially on the bottom, this way after welding you just have to do small blends where you weld.