Misfire Or Tune?

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    You do not want anti seize anywhere near the tip of the plug, so if you must coat the smooth part of the plug I would stop applying it 1/4" from the ground strap.
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    I believe that's about how I did it, maybe a bit closer. Will be swapping plugs shortly here to go to a colder range, so wanted to double check I wasn't missing anything here. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I have been working late and will be for the rest of the week. I will share my finding late tonight. I did some Data logging Sunday afternoon and a few things didn't lot right. The pcm was flashed by ford before I got it. Couldn't find anything online as to what the code meant. I think that may have something to do with it if they didn't account for it..

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    Just so you are aware..
    A lot of shops have stopped using ford racing 0 plugs and pretty much any type of plugs of the sort and all switched to Brisk.

    The new ford racing plugs 0 degrees or any ford racing plug seem to have changed manufacturing and A LOT of misfires are happening.

    Switch from FRPP to Brisk has cleared up a lot of issues shops have been chasing.