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Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Joe2006, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Joe2006

    Joe2006 Junior Member

    Hi folks. I live in northern MN, and it has been a very cold couple of weeks. Nighttime temps of -20 F. Unfortunately, my 2006 Mustang GT sits outside. Today we had a heat wave (36 F!!), so I went outside to start the car. I noticed the outside bulb in the taillight on the drivers side was on, and the lens was warm, so it had been on for a while. Car started fine, I pushed the brake pedal, turned on the blinkers and taillights, and everything else in the taillights worked as it should, but this one bulb just stayed on no matter what. I disconnected the battery, then hooked it back up, and the light was off. I pushed the lock button on the key fob, and the light came back on and stayed on until I disconnected the battery again. Any thoughts or ideas as to what may be going on? Thanks.
  2. oldVOR

    oldVOR forum member

    You might have or had water get into the SJB which causes all kinds of electrical issues.
    Check in/around the SJB for signs of water intrusion.
  3. JeremyH

    JeremyH 3V Fuel Guru S197 Team Member

    You have a short in the bulb or wiring.
  4. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    Could be either of the suggestions above. Easiest is the bulb and socket.
  5. Joe2006

    Joe2006 Junior Member

    Thank You!
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