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    Good evening, I’m new here from MD. I own a 2012 base that doing upgrades on. First in line is getting my radio situation better. In hopes o
    Of getting a CarPlay ready head unit id like to retrofit a stock navigation bezel and install a double din head unit on the place of the stock nav so I was wondering where there any changes or issues to the hvac system on that bezel? Also if anyone could tell me of any information regarding the stock door subwoofers don’t plan on doing a Mach system swap just wondered if there was any mounting info as id like to install some hearty components on that spot after getting some door panels. Any information is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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    First, Leather seat Premium stuff, at least on 2013/14 Mustangs, are not interchangeable with Base Mustangs. Some programing will always need to be done unless of course you just want back seats. Nav cars are up there for non-interchangeable parts. There are five dash wiring possibilities for NAV and each is $500. The somewhat easy part is Premium Cluster to Base if you can find the right mileage and use Forscan programing. Leather seats will not plug and play due to airbag programing. Radios will not plug and pay because of the back tail lights. The best I have seen is the Tesla Screen Conversion where you get a bag full of connectors from Phoenix Radio. Everything is replaced by a very large Tesla Screen at about $600. Still no Sirius radio.
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