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    Original running boards on my truck only went to the back of the cab. I can reach some of the bed, but not all of it, and my wife can't reach anything in the bed. So over my Christmas break I fabbed these up.

    I had found a set online that I really liked about year and a half ago, but they didn't make them for my truck, and the sets they did have for sale, were really expensive. I have less than half what they cost into making these. I'm really happy with them.



    They're made from 2" pipe bars, 2" square tube with 1/4" plates. They mount to the pinch weld of the cab, and the frame, almost zero movement, even when I get on them. Bars are powder coated, but I used Herculiner on the diamond plate for added non-slip. But most importantly, you can now get stuff out of the bed without the need of a ladder.

    edit - the holes in the ground are for a shed extension project onto my workshop
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