Torch Red to add stripes- thoughts?

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by Bo Young, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Bo Young

    Bo Young Junior Member

    Hey all,
    Wanting to add a lil outside *zest* to my ‘05 torch red GT, and I’ve been thinking more and more about adding the classic double white stripes to the car. Classy upgrade, or maybe not? If so, do y’all recommend vinyl wrap?

    Ive also been thinkin about how crappy the paint job is, with some spots just flaking off. I like the color, but I’ve been thinking more and more about saving some $$ for a complete re-do of the paint job. Thoughts? I’ll add a pic below. Thanks!

  2. EBABlacknChrome

    EBABlacknChrome forum member

    Vinyl stripes are ok as long as you get someone that really know what they are doing. If you do them, don't stop at the end of the hood and top of trunk. Maybe do a small pin stripe with the larger stripe. Large to the inside and small to the outside of them and you could add a pop of color with that small pin stripe. A grill, rim and tire and tint would look nice. Simple do over do it.

    That color looks like redfire to me.

    Mine is torch red and this is what it once looked like. Same color, Different paint scheme now and done as stated below.

    As far as paint have them fix chips, wet sand the hole car with a light coat of color finished with good clear. Gets rid of factory orange peel an adds depth. [​IMG]

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  3. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    @Bo Young , your car is redfire. Mine is torch red and has similar black stripes to the previous poster's pony.
    You could go with white stripes but I'd suggest that black stripes would give it a more subtle, aggressive look. Alternatively you could leave the car without stripes and install a smooth gloss black decklid panel at the rear instead. I think it would look great.


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  4. stkjock

    stkjock ---- Madmin ---- Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator S197 Team Member

    Mustangs and over the top stripes go together like milk and cookies or PB and jelly!

    IMO, if you want to improve the look of your car, upgrade those wheel
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  5. thailand

    thailand forum member

    Oh, what a slippery slope, when we decide to customize our Stangs! So many choices...
    IMHO, white may clash, unless you do more to tie the white stripes in. Torch Red car, black grill, silver wheels, and white stripes seems like too many colors to me...that's why I think black goes with almost any color. It goes with the grills, trim, mirror housing, and so on.
    Again, just my opinion, and I think you could pull it off, but all that matters is if you like it. You may find some black wheels with white accents, and then the stripes would pop.
  6. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Member

    With that tone of red I think flat or semi gloss black stripes would look great.
  7. justin73

    justin73 Junior Member

    072D21D5-E107-419D-97CC-324ED404F765.jpeg BE9DCE0D-2E1C-4AEC-9435-7D6EA23F1B55.jpeg Here’s a pic of my 08 gt. Torch red.
  8. justin73

    justin73 Junior Member

    My stripes were painted on.
  9. DieHarder

    DieHarder Member

    If you do paint or add vinyl stripes recommend darker vice lighter. White tends to reflect a lot of light so if you're sensitive pick a dark color or wear sunglasses.
  10. 06 T-RED S/C GT

    06 T-RED S/C GT forum member

    It seems like nearly every Torch Red Mustang GT/Shelby GT500 has either black or white stripes. Personally, I really don't see anything special or unique about them anymore. However, what you don't see very often, is Vapor Silver stripes on Torch Red with the exception of the 2008 Shelby GT500KR edition. IMHO, Vapor Silver stripes would blend in really well with Torch Red and stand out over the same old run of the mill black or white striping. Anyhow, just saying.


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  11. jewc75

    jewc75 forum member

    Based on your pic your car is Redfire, not Torch Red. Stripes are overdone but like most things it comes down to personal preference.
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