Trans swap from TR6060 to T56 Magnum XL GT500 S197

Discussion in '2007+ Mustang GT500 Tech' started by GT500_Thailand, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Hey guys...

    Trying to find out a couple of things here - currently carrying out a trans swap from the factory TR6060 unit to a Tremec T56 Magnum XL unit.

    Had previously upgraded the clutch to a Shelby badged up ACE Racing PowerForce Street Twin plate clutch and flywheel setup when upgrading the motor a couple years back. as part of the previous install we had to swap out the OEM factory throw-out bearing to the later shorter type bearing and use a spacer as part of the clutch kit.

    trying to find out if anyone has carried out the trans swap using this clutch setup we have used and swapped to a T56... from the TR6060. which TB have you used? measurments?

    we have a brand new OEM factory bearing which we are told should be the correct bearing to fit with our clutch trans setup, but it should be measured before to ensure it fits correctly with the correct spacing.

    second question, the clearance of the reverse lockout is questionable against the inner trans tunnel, we have on order a reverse delete kit with an internal spring to give enough pressure to resist an accidental reverse gear selection we are told. anyone have any experience with this? or have just left the reverse solenoid in and had no issues with clearance?

    we are talking approx 1/4 inch clearance at best. against the inner tunnel.

    can provide more details if anyone needs...
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    I have the Tremec T56 in my '11 and no problem with the reverse solenoid. I don't have your clutch setup but used the oem throw-out bearing
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    Update, received a setup tool from ACE Racing Clutches. this proved in the measurements, a new OEM 2007 to 2009 factory throw-out bearing is suitable within tolerance with no shim packs needed. if using the clutch setup we have. tolerance is suggested between Zero gap to under 1/16inch max. we have 0.040inchs so within the specification.

    hope this info helps any other owners looking to fit the setup we have.