1. Awad Alibrahim

    2009 Mustang GT keeps blowing fuse 47

    A few months ago we had some heavy rain where I live, and I may have driven through some large puddles and kinda drenched the throttle body. Since then, I've been facing an issue with the wrench and check engine lights coming on and the throttle response is almost non existent. After a little...
  2. F

    Extremely poor fuel economy and performance when engine is warm

    2007 ford mustang GT, changed the alternator and heater hoses for a friend, new gaskets on intake and coolant crossover + thermostat, as well as throttle body and injector seals. I also fixed a vacuum leak on the passenger side PCV. I also cleaned the throttle body. I'm not sure if this was an...
  3. I

    No crank No start full power non battery related

    Hello, I have a 2008 mustang GT premium. Was looking for a possible solution to a problem that is occurring. Had an issue with starting sometimes it would start fine then other times nothing at all. The car has full power and EVERYTHING works, The best way I can describe the issue, is that its...
  4. Adomis63

    VCT Actuator Solenoids - Left vs. Right

    Hey all, I recently went to my local ford dealer to pick up a new VCT solenoid to replace the passenger side one. I had already replaced the driver's side solenoid. The parts guy pulled up on his fancy computer what part I would need and if he had it when he asks what side I needed - kinda...
  5. Andrey Sidorov

    Slight pedal press, boost shoots up - weird boost gauge behavior

    Hey lads, I run a procharger system on my 3v with race bypass valve and fuel return system with aeromotive vacuum fpr. Since i got the car like 4 years ago i always had a weird behavior of my boost gauge- let me explain. The system has a vacuum distribution block (if it makes sense) from...
  6. Nathan H

    Anyone have dyno before and after FRPP Hot Rod Cams and tune?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did a bunch of searches but I can't find what I'm looking for. I've seen a lot of posts where people say they installed the FRPP Hot Rod cams and gained "X" amount of power, but they always seem to be along the lines of "I also installed a CAI and got a...
  7. G

    Will Ford Racing manifold work with 65mm throttle body?

    I saw a QnA on American muscle where a staff member said the Ford racing intake manifold for the 3v can hold up to a 65mm throttle body. this got me thinking, I wonder if I could bolt on the Twin 65mm Ford racing cobra jet throttle body and make it work on my 07 GT? Both of these parts can be...
  8. G

    Car is running but throwing codes like crazy. Please help

    Hey everyone, I made a shorter post about this a few days ago but felt like I should make another one highlighting every single code that my car is throwing, and the circumstances around them. This post may be a little long but if you have the time please read through it and give any advice if...
  9. G

    Code P0340 after cam install help

    I just installed Ford’s hot rod cams in my 2007 GT. The car hesitated to start at first but eventually started and it now idles and runs exactly how I’ve heard in videos, the idle is stable at 800 RPM and it runs fine while driving too, no overheating or oil pressure issues, the car seems like...
  10. Bodvar

    3v swap troubleshoot

    I just swapped a new 3v into my 05. The old one didn't have any major modifications and it just has a Borla exhaust, Bama tuner, and cold air. You're basic stuff to get you the 200 extra hp you want... Anyway, I got the swap done and everything seems to be in order. The engine is running lean...
  11. threevalve eric

    TR3650 Aftermarket Support/Upgrades

    After browsing the forums and using the search button I have yet to find any information on whether or not there is any aftermarket support for the TR3650's in the '05-'10 GT's. By support I am refering to the internal components like shift forks, synchro rings, gears, bearings, ect. - Any help...

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