1. D

    How would you restore the car from the ground up?

    Hello all, Recently, I've finally come into financial freedom where I started to think of purchasing a classic car to restore. I looked at 65-72 Mustangs and other classic cars, before realizing, I have a "project" car to work on it front of me. I currently own a 2010 GT premium, candy apple...
  2. A

    Running rough

    I have a 05 GT that recently started running kind of rough. I replaced sparkplugs, coil packs and now injectors. It runs decent when I get on it, it's just the idle that's really bad and the engine is shaking a lot. I pulled codes and it told me system 1 is too rich and system 2 is too lean...
  3. Nikotopless

    Car wobbles when accelerating

    Greetings everyone! So I just received my 2015 Mustang GT PP back from the dealership after a wheel alignment, all new spark plugs and most importantly, my motor replaced (old one had a cylinder 8 misfire with no recourse of fixing). Strangely enough, the car “wobbles” when accelerating at...
  4. M

    Electrical issue

    Recently changed the alternator and everything was perfectly fine until recently whenever I am full throttle all electrical systems turn off like radio, AC, headlights, dash lights everything. It will do it only full throttle. Anyone know the issue?
  5. T

    Guage cluster swap 2005 to 2018?

    Hi, everyone. First post, I have a motor out of an 18 GT i'm going to be installing into my car, and I want to order a guage cluster for it because it has the original PCM and wiring from Ford, so theoretically it should work properly with some help programming at my local ford dealership...
  6. G

    Car is running but throwing codes like crazy. Please help

    Hey everyone, I made a shorter post about this a few days ago but felt like I should make another one highlighting every single code that my car is throwing, and the circumstances around them. This post may be a little long but if you have the time please read through it and give any advice if...
  7. windy4oh

    2007 Auto Complete Transmission Failure

    So, I'm not completely sure whats going on with my transmission all I know is that its completely stopped functioning properly. I know there is a slew of issues with the 5r55 transmissions, but I'm hoping I can find a way to save mine instead of having to buy one. Just an FYI my car has 190k...
  8. K

    HELP!! Transmission's stuck in 3rd gear!

    I have a 2006 GT with a manual transmission and a Hurst short-throw shifter. So yesterday, I was at a red light and was just playing with the shifter. I was going through the gears with the clutch in (as I normally do) and as I tried to pull it out of 3rd, it wouldn't move. I thought it was just...
  9. R

    Plasti-Dip Bumpers

    I bought an 06' 4.0 Convertible in Windveil Blue and I have to replace the rear bumper and repaint the front one. I'm buying the rear bumper unpainted so my questions are: Could I plasti-dip the bumpers? Will it be cheaper? Is it going to look good? I've also thought about dipping the whole car...
  10. N

    Frustrating Crank/No Start situation on 2010 Mustang

    A buddy of mine is having an issue with his 2010 Mustang. One day, as he was backing out of his driveway, the car just stalled. He tried cranking and it just cranks with no start. He calls me up and I go verify that it has spark, but I don't hear the fuel pump priming. I check all fuses and...
  11. H

    Desperate for help 05’ convertible nightmare electrical issue

    greeting s197 community, sorry for the long post. pleasure to join you all officially. I have had the opportunity to read several of your post and replies and have gained valuable knowledge by simple tuning in this way . However I am here now in dire need of your help . My 05’ convertible was...
  12. M

    Removing passenger midline w/ floor Jack?

    I've tried everything I can think of to get my passenger side over axle out. The drivers side slid out between the driveshaft.. The passenger side however doesn't have that much room and its getting caught on the spring. I cant get the car up high enough to get the pipe out and fish the new one...
  13. threevalve eric

    TR3650 Aftermarket Support/Upgrades

    After browsing the forums and using the search button I have yet to find any information on whether or not there is any aftermarket support for the TR3650's in the '05-'10 GT's. By support I am refering to the internal components like shift forks, synchro rings, gears, bearings, ect. - Any help...
  14. M

    Tail light problems

    After buying my 05 4.0L convertible I noticed the top was leaking and prior to me having it replaced a decent amount of water got into the car. Initially I had no issues other than me having to vacuum all the gunk out but a couple of weeks later some of the brake lights stopped coming on. I...
  15. 13v6

    HELP, my fan won't run

    The cooling fan on my 3.7 '13 won't run. With the car at full temp, no fan. I even turned on the AC which should have turned on the fan but, no fan. I checked fuse #7, good. I pulled the fan and hooked it directly to the battery and it ran although the negative wire overheated instantly. That...
  16. R

    Rough idling

    I just picked up a 07 4.0 mustang with 90k miles and I noticed it is idling rough, I can't figure out why. My mustang will vibrate kinda bad ans sometimes the car will shake for 1 or 2 seconds while idling.

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