2008 "tigermachine II" Bullitt Mustang build, Pics & Video on Post #518 ...

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    I read you ............

    Man you guys must be loaded $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Your wife was right the Hellcat as she said "this thing is huge, good thing I didn't get one."
    It is a pretty darn large car and Sadly the Rear-Blind-Areas are also large !!!

    I think the Audi will be a far better fit for this fellow.

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    I didn't say they were expensive cars. I bet all 4 are worth little more then what you're paying for that S3 with tax.
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    Guys I thought some of you might like to know the 2008 Bullitt Mustang has been officially sold.

    I'm going to say a few things in regards to my choice of going with Gateway Classic Cars.
    Mine had been with them for like 1 1/2 years.
    Originally I did not set any pricing as Gateway did all pricing.
    As time marched on I decided enough is enough as they had not had any serious real-world-offers.
    It would be a waste of your guys time for me to list all the people and the circumstances surrounding what took place over the 1 1/2 years.
    You name it and believe me it happened from wives at the last minute intervening to financing issues on a grand scale.
    Guys, for those interested here is what I now think about you using Gateway Classic Cars like I did.
    If, you were like me and knew you didn't have to have the money and could wait it out no matter how long it drug on.
    Then, maybe, you might want to give them a try, maybe???
    My personal take on Gateway is, they are simply no more than a giant company that list vehicles on their website.
    Then they wait until a prospective buyer calls and they go through their spill.
    What they do-not do IMHO is actively look for a buyer for your vehicle no matter how elaborate it is.
    They are polite and their real thing is they want you to keep your vehicle at their warehouse so every-time it comes up to renew the contract they will contact you.
    When they contact you they might suggest a price adjustment that you can go along with or simply stick to the current asking price it's your final-decision.
    In my case after hoping and yes guys I did say hoping mine would just maybe find someone that really wanted it I would come out really well.
    That simply was not even remotely the case and the more months that went by the more pressure I received at home from my wife.
    And her thoughts were we are continuing Terry to pay Full-Coverage insurance every 6-months for it to sit at Gateway.
    And of course she was right but my thinking was don't get nervous as all that's required is one person to see, like and want it and make the offer.
    As a few of you that might have kept up with mine over at Gateway you saw where I drastically started cutting the price on it aggressively.
    I made all those lowering price adjustments, not Gateway as I simply got tired of it just sitting.
    I came to the conclusion as well as my wife that it's now time that it just goes away.

    Finally, I got the call from Gateway and i/we accepted that offer.
    I will say exactly how I feel in that regards.
    We are both 100% totally satisfied with the monies we received after the 1 1/2 year wait.

    I did get to do one more thing that brought me an additional $500.00 dollars.
    I sold everything I had accumulated for the Bullitt since 2008.
    That included all clothes, racing helmet, racing coat etc.
    All documentation since 2008 to present.
    If it had anything to do with the Bullitt Mustang it went to the new owner.

    Later guys,
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  5. Pentalab

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    You started off at $83K. What did you actually get for it ?
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  7. fdjizm

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    looks like 39,995
  8. bullitt 736

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    Was the new owner made aware of the history of the motor such as the rag in the oil pan?

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  9. skwerl

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    Would have been worth more if it didn't have that crappy auto transmission in it.
  10. fdjizm

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    I am a bit disappointed and also confused, why not just not buy the car in the first place if the end game was to put a bunch of money and time into it and sell it for half of what you put into it?

    Would have been better off just giving to a charity, no?
  11. tigerhonaker

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    That's Gateway not me ..............

    I do-not know who purchased it as it's not legal for Gateway to disclose my name or the buyer.
    As far as that issue as I posted more than a few times everything was replaced new by DBR Performance.
    Including anything else that was even possibly affected per my instructions.
    And driven after that by them as well as myself to insure all was A-OK.
    They (DBR) was totally satisfied as I was.

    That's exactly correct many of the public wanted it to be a manual transmission NOT any automatic.

    I sold it because I wanted to try something different.
    It had nothing remotely to do with the actual car.
    I simply got old ...........

    Later guys,
  12. Pentalab

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    How much was Gateway's cut ? Surely not $39,995.00 - $28,062.50 = $11, 932.50
  13. AndrewNagle

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    I just an baffled as well what a disaster

    Glad Terry got at least $28,000 minus 18 months of insurance payments for it

    Would have sold 18 months ago for that easy

    Charity would have been a good idea but maybe he doesn’t need the tax deduction
  14. JimC

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    Congratulations Terry. I was just wondering yesterday what was happening.

    And as far as a charity donation, for a car donation you could only deduct what it actually sold for. That changed in 2002 or so, after people were claiming big deductions for cars that were simply rolling rustbuckets.
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    $28K? Hell, I got more than that out of mine after I wrecked it! :LMAO:
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    Hey there Terry, congrats on finally getting the Bullitt Mustang sold. Although you didn't get what you were expecting, I think you made out pretty well at 28k which is definitely above market value for an 11-year-old Mustang. Although it really sucks after all the money that you put into to modify it, the market, unfortunately, doesn't take that into consideration nor do they care, as it is what it is I suppose. At any rate, just want to say congrats once again,

  17. DiMora

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    Congratulations on getting rid of it, Terry.

    Did you get your Audi yet?
  18. RocketcarX

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    Much ado about nothing, you could have sold it yourself a year and half ago for $30k had you no obstinately insisted on a faux added value to the car for every dollar you spent redoing it so many times
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    I would have posted that if I had known.
    There is no doubt it was nothing even remotely close to the $11,062.50 .
    I didn't see the exact amount .........

    It was 18 months and I along with the guys at Gateway really thought and were hoping it would bring more dollars to the table.
    It didn't and as I posted above we are glad to take the $28K and finally done with the whole deal.

    Hi Jim,

    Well car buddy I did hold out as long as I thought there might just be that one buyer that wanted it for the higher prices asked over those 18-months.
    Just simply was not in the cards so as you read I took the last offer.
    The way I feel about it is simple.
    Ask what you want and see what happens???
    If you are lucky then you are a happy camper.
    Didn't work for me but that's okay as I can easily live with the final dollars to me.
    I highly doubt I would ever go the Gateway Classic Cars route again ...........

    I'm glad for you that things worked out to your liking. :)


    As you said it was an 11 year old Mustang.
    And that my friend was exactly the way the lending/financing companies viewed it.
    It was never really a question of people wanting it.
    It was that the people wanting it simply didn't have enough cash to offset what the lenders would finance.
    I was hoping someone with money would see it and want it but that did not take place.
    I had a lot of years of fun with the car so no regrets at all on what it ended up bringing.

    Thanks buddy :)

    Yes, the Audi RS3 arrived at Audi Nashville 1st week of May 2019.
    It is a really nice machine and fits my current needs really well.
    Cathy has said to me multiple time that she likes it better than any car I have ever owned.
    And that's a strong comment as I have certainly had way-way more than my fair share. :driver:

    The G/m & Salesman.







    You may very well be right.

  20. Macman45

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    How much did you lose on the Hellcat? Can’t imagine Audi gave much on that trade.