2011+ Track Pack Rear End Compatibility

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  1. black2009v6

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    So I’ve been looking into the 8.8 rear end swap and came across a really good deal for a rear end of what looks to be a 2013 track pack.

    I know that some 2011’s and up have the correct flange from the factory, but since the Track Pack has upgraded parts in the diff, I’m not sure if the flange is different or not. So does anyone know if the flange from the Track Pack is compatible, or have any experience or knowledge with swapping the rear end from a 2011+?

    Also, I’m not sure 100% if this is a track pack car, I’m waiting for the guy to send me pics of the rear end to verify for myself since it doesn’t seem like he know what he has. I’m just curious if the rear end will swap in the case that it is.
  2. travelers

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    The part number for the V-6s is

    This is for the GT and it's the same for a Track Pack car.
  3. Gabe

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    '13-'14 Track Pack rear axles were painted black, had the finned cover, and the Torsen all-gear diff inside with 3.73 gears:

  4. JimC

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    I sold take out rear ends for awhile (supplier shut down) and we never figured out why some rear ends had the correct flange for the 2005-09 V6. You just have to check the flange when you get the rear end and see if it has the correct one.
  5. black2009v6

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    Thanks all, after looking further into the topic the only conclusion I can come possibly make is that the 2011+ V6 had a different flange than the GT of the same years. The 2011+ V6 flange also looks very similar to the cobra flange that is usually needed for the swap, so I’m willing to bet that any rear end that didn’t need the flange swapped from a 2011+ had to have been from a v6.

    But this is all just speculation, I’ll try to go out to my local dealership later today to see if I can find any more information to verify.

    As for the rear end I’m looking at purchasing, if it is a true track pack it looks like I’ll have to buy the cobra flange after all.

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  6. Domo55

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    I have a 06 v6 ,i hady rear end switch to a 10-14 gt’s rear end only part i needed extra was and 03 cobra’s flange and everything bolted up perfect
  7. Juice

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    Just an FYI, I ran my V6 with the 8.8 for a while so I had to buy the "cobra" flange. I put the GT flange back on when I did the engine swap. My 05 grand marquis had a rear noise and was leaking at the flange, and I found a grove worn in the flange. Guess what, the "cobra" flange was a perfect replacement.
  8. 08MustangDude

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    There is a video for the 4.0 V6 swap, and all you need is the flange. The 8.8 bolts right in, and a
    tuner to change gear ratio.
  9. gr8time

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    i just swapped a 2012 GT500 rear with 3.73 into my 2006 V6. Everything bolted right up with the Cobra flange switch. My problem is the anti lock brake wire connection is different. Can i splice the wires together as they are both two wires, or is there an adapter?
  10. gr8time

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    To answer my own question, Yes you can splice them together from different years and the ABS works fine.
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