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  1. BarnesGN

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    what does it take to run 1.5-1.6 60ft times with a 3v car?
    Manual or Automatic.

    Gears/ Axles/Tires you tell me.

    Thanks guys.
  2. NickD87

    NickD87 forum member

    I've done a 1.56
    At the time car was longtubes with cats, hotrod cams, FR manifold, jltn110, underdrive pulleys, 4.10s, bmr sp009 springs stock 2005 shocks, bmr lower control arms and relocation brackets.
    40lb front rims and 17" stock wheels on rear with 275 et street radials
    Lauch at 5k sidestepping the stock clutch

    Oh and really good track prep and prob negative DA

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  3. sdleo29

    sdleo29 forum member

    It’s fuggin hard to do if your new to the ole 1320.. ask me how I know ... The 60 ft is everything for good ET’s. Way easier in an auto, but you need to know how to launch either way
  4. stkjock

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    Good tire

    Willingness to break parts

    Manual - two step helps and a clutch drop from 4500 plus rpm

    Auto -converter a must
  5. BarnesGN

    BarnesGN Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies guy it's exactly the info I need.

    NickD87 What did your time slip look like on that run, Seems like a low 12 second pass.

    I have had several quick street cars over the years, and I race maybe 2-3 times a year, although with only drag radials. It would be great to go more often and with the lower price of the 3v Mustang they seem like good contenders-solid axle- strong engines. Research is important to me before I plunge into buying a car especially if it will have a specific goal as a project car.

    Consistent 1.6's even if it takes slicks would not be an issue. As long as I know what other items to upgrade ahead of the car purchase.
  6. NickD87

    NickD87 forum member

    I missed a gear and abandoned the pass, 1.7s were 12.5

    I only went radial so I could drive to the track on them. I would 100% go bias ply, if N/A 26" tall tire with 4.10s and take as much weight as you can out of the car (I would take out passanger and rear seat and gut the trunk)

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  7. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    BINGO! We have a winner! The above statement is 100% correct.