Automotive Tools to Use and Avoid

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  1. 05_on_94

    05_on_94 Junior Member

    Bought the Ford Rotunda OTC tool kit on eBay for $ to remove and replace the rear crankshaft oil seal and slinger on my 05 GT when replacing the clutch. I did not want to fuck up that seal and so far so good.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Wes06

    Wes06 forum member

    Now I know who to bum for it whenever I need to do a seal swap ;)
    I wound up using the old seal and plank of wood and hammer to install my seal install my new block. Hoping it is fine and doesn't start leaking.

    Also I just bought a caliper from amazon, it's annoying trying to guess sizes with a crappy tape measure or using drill bits for holes. It looks decent quality and seems to keep zero, it even can measure in fractions on top of decimals and mm

    It's only 17 bucks and from amazon so I'm not to worried if it breaks. There's another brand listed at 21 regular 60.
  3. 05_on_94

    05_on_94 Junior Member

    I know what you mean,it would have been great to rent those tools somewhere . I also bought and still waiting for a used inner tie rod remover installer for $27.cad on eBay.
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  4. 46addict

    46addict 13726548

    Would Not Buy:
    I got an 8 gallon Allpower air compressor as a gift (available through Pepboys) and it gave up the ghost after 13 months.

    Would Buy:
    -In a pinch I bought a 1/2" Chicago Electric impact wrench from Harbor Freight and was impressed with the torque and durability. It hasn't been quite a year yet but I don't see it quitting anytime soon. Great for removing/installing lug nuts, suspension bolts, drivetrain bolts, etc. I use it in any place I can fit it. And not dealing with an air hose is a plus.

    -Duralast 82pc toolset. I wasn't expecting much from this considering the cost but I've been impressed with this as well. If you decide to buy this it's cheaper to get this from the store rather than from ebay/Amazon. And if anything breaks they will replace the whole set for free under their lifetime warranty.

    -Torque app. I have the free version of this app but knowing what it can do, I wouldn't mind paying the $5 or whatever it costs for the Pro version. Comes in very handy for logging and it negates the need for a laptop just to look at simple stuff. It's not designed to replace an SCT/Diablo though, just an add-on thing.

    -Clinometer app. I used this to set the pinion angle on my car. More accurate than the old angle finder (protractor) I had.
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  5. WNYGT5-0

    WNYGT5-0 Member

    Bringing this back to life.

    This is the absolute best kit for fixing buggered up threads or retreading all together. Screw a tap and die set.... this is what you need! A8D07323-D576-45A8-8F7A-16E5CFF62AF5.jpeg
  6. ZmanM3

    ZmanM3 The Evil One S197 Team Member

    I have the Gearwrench set and yes I use it a lot. I also have thread files one of which saved me the other night fixing the threads on a steering wheel shaft.
  7. ghunt81

    ghunt81 New parts on old junk! S197 Team Member

    Waste of money tool is this turd right here:

    You can find this one all over ebay and it is absolute junk. The pointed ends of the puller arm stick out so far that it can cause clearance issues, the puller arms have rounded edges all over so they don't like to grip, and it's impossible to keep it actually pulling square because the leg support things are way too small so it tends to twist around when you actually put torque on it. On top of all that the puller arms bent. I fought with this thing for a few hours before I ended up using a socket and bread to pop out the pilot bearing and that worked a hell of a lot better.
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