BMR relocation brackets installed on GT500

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    Check it out!
    Fastlane Motorsports just started carrying the BMR relocation brackets, so this past Saturday, I was able to pick up a set!

    Here's their specifications -
    Correct the suspension geometry in your S197 Mustang with Control Arm Relocation Brackets from BMR Suspension.

    Manufactured from 3/16” CNC laser cut steel plates, these bolt-in brackets provide three new mounting locations for correcting your rear suspensions’ anti-squat characteristics. Additionally, this newly designed bracket captures existing factory holes in three locations per side, preventing counter-rotation and eliminating the necessity for welding in all but extreme applications.

    The BMR Control Arm Relocation Brackets correct the vehicles instantaneous center, improving drag strip traction and handling traction during corner exiting.

    I decided that my GT500 could benefit from these.
    Basically, when I lowered this car using the Ford Motorsport sport springs, the rear lower control arms are no longer in a neutral (flat) position. They actually end up with the arm slightly angled up in the rear. This causes the pinion angle to be off and makes the car feel disconnected from the road. It also hurts traction!

    I took about an hour to install these and take a few pictures along the way.
    I am still using the stock lower arms as I wanted to see the true difference before I change to the billet lowers later on.

    These pieces are really nice right out of the box!
    They are designed to bolt on at home with no welding required. They way they bolt in, there is no way these things are gonna move! I like that!

    I also installed a Steeda adjustable panhard bar while I was under there so I could center the rearend properly from side to side.

    The car -


    Driver side -



    Passenger side -


    With tires on -



    I took the car out and made a few hits to see how it reacted.
    I could tell an immediate difference in how solid the car felt now.
    Between the new panhard bar and the corrected control arm angles, the car actually felt more planted to the road.
    Traction wasn't much better with my Nitto Invo's but the car did spin more in a straight line instead of trying to kick out to one side.

    I'm interested to see how it does with some drag radials on it.

    Overall the instructions were straight forward and all parts bolted right up without issue.
    I like this product overall!

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  2. stkjock

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    Not going to weld them in?
  3. Mustang Mark

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    You'll notice an even bigger difference is you get rid of those terrible stock control arms.
  4. TTSaleen

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    For now I am not. Later on I will have them welded in, but I really liked the fact that these bolted in without any hassle.

    Agreed. I plan to change those at a later date!
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  6. stkjock

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    so they don't bend... it's happened, maybe not as likely with the newer BMR design.

    My car in it's prior owner's hands bent them
  7. BMR Tech 2

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    Welding them is a great idea, but not necessary. We updated theCAB005 about 4 years ago and haven't had a single failure with the new design. We added another hole where the axle weights go, and that makes it pretty darn difficult for that bracket to rotate and bend. JPC is currently running 7's on our brackets, bolted in. :thumb:

    If you do decided to get them welded in, make sure that your thrust angle is properly set on an alignment rack before proceeding to weld them. It's much easier to correct BEFORE they're welded!
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    like I believe you..... you're just a lackey... :poke2:
  9. TTSaleen

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    Great! Thanks for the info. I probably will not weld them then, since this is my street car and not going to ever see slicks or track duty.
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    +1 should be the first mod on any GT500.
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    Really 7s and bolted in Kelly ? LMAO
    Whyyyyyyyyyy would somebody have atleast a 7.50 cert. chassis and not weld in your brackets if there going 7s ? everything else on the car is welded in but not your Brackets? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I think in 07 you guys told me you had a car running 9s with urethane bushings mean while every body's bushings were breaking on this site.

    You know I have everything BMR in my car and had plenty of issues with your stuff but we wont go there. What I will say is the Factory lower control arm brackets are welded in ? YESSSSSSSSS your relocation bracket being long makes the car hook hard for sure and is there even more load on that bracket then the Factory Welded Bracket ? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
    So stop with the 7 second crap and tell the guy weld them in this is not a 15 second car 500s make power/Torque and very heavy cars before he twist up those brackets and does damage to his car.
    Then the guy will hear Wowwwwwwww your the first guy ever to twist our brackets you must be making 2000 HP !!!! :stooges:
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  12. Speedboosted

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    First of all, that's Dylan. Not Kelly. Second, JPC does run them like that, a fair amount of people not BMR know and say that. Not sure why you're so upset over this

    TOWGUNNER forum member

    They definitelym ake a difference enjoy them. Spinning straight is way better than spinning sideways now for some drag radials
  14. Gabe

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    Looking good.

    What size tires are you running on those Alcoas and are you lowered at all?

  15. BMR Tech

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    Are you the same guy who was arguing with me on my FB Support page about sixty-foot times?

    That was Dylan. However, yes, JPC has made many 7-Second passes on our Brackets without them being welded on. Call them and ask.

    They are welded in now, prior to their recent 7.2X passes with 1.13 sixties.

    Dylan was just using that as an example. We have a TON of very fast cars running them non welded. (3) 1.1X sixty foot cars, and probably 50+ cars in the 1.2's. It is similar to, Manley will tell you a certain rod will handle 2000hp when you ask them about those pieces for your 600hp build.

    We are firm on believing that they do not need welded on "most" applications. Thus far, thousands later, we are still confident in them bolted in.

    We have definitely had batches over the years that have had issues. We have had to change suppliers over these occurrences and of course, it has led to us offering more solutions than most of our competitors. We are the only US based suspension company to offer Elastomer Bushings for Domestic GM and Fords in our components, we design our own bushings in house, and are on the verge of becoming the first company to offer a specific style bushing that I cannot disclose as this time (will be huge).

    But yes, that will happen. What if I told you there are plenty of 8-Second cars right now running our Poly? That doesn't mean a 12 second stick car can't cold flow or crack/split them.

    I am sorry to hear you had issues. Unfortunately that is part of the game in this industry, and all we can do is improve - which we have done drastically. In 2007 we were a much much smaller company, we were good, but everyone makes mistakes.

    To put it into perspective, we are shipping over 10 times the amount of S197 products this year, than we did in those early years. Actually, closer to 11 times the amount.

    I appreciate your concerns, but I think Dylan did a fine job with his post. I didn't take it like he was instructing people not to weld them unless they run 7's - but he did point out their ability by mentioned JPC's accomplishments.
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    Mine are bolted in and doing just fine. And I definitely drive more than sixty feet.
  18. BMR Tech

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    My customers are great.
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    ^^ fucking this. Hah
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    BMR in my last 4 mustangs not one single problem.