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    I have the Demon Eye Kit from Diode Dynamics. How would I go about unsealing the headlight to do this install? I've heard about baking it in the oven, but I'm not exactly sure what temperature or time to use. I don't want to mess up my lens or anything trying to do it.
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    Purchased mine off a guy named F.M.Lights
    Retro projectors 05-09 housing.
    You would ultimately need to use a heat gun or oven(10-15 minute)
    And a pry tool to seperate the glass from the housing.
    follow by having a method to focus the demon eye...
    Without projectors, demon eyes are useless.

    I simply but a demon eye ring around the inside of my projectors but there another one you buy and sandwich between the projector and it housing

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    I think of installing a projector lens into my stock lights. First I thought of getting a complete headlights assembly, but I've heared of poor quality of Taiwan-made lights, and that the lenses there dim after a year of usage... Maybe you can recommend a good brand that makes projectors for our Mustangs?
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    Looks like the factory option HID head light that cost $525 when I ordered my 2011 v6 :) 2015-06-06 01.28.11.jpg