GT bumper installation

Discussion in '2005+ Ford Mustang v6 4.0L Tech' started by 2005S197, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. 2005S197

    2005S197 Junior Member

    Good Morning,
    I have a 2005 V6 and I just bought the GT rear bumper skin because I am installing dual exhaust.
    I thought I read on the forums here that I may need additional brackets\mounting hardware to install the GT bumper skin.
    Has anyone here done this that can share their experience\part numbers?
  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    Should just bolt on. I put a gt500/CS cover on mine, it was a direct fit.
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  3. hobojck

    hobojck Junior Member

    Your good to go, it's the front bumper that has different brackets.
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