looking for BCM SJB (inside fuse box)

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by atichargr, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. atichargr

    atichargr Junior Member

    does anyone know where I can get a new module? I have looked on line but my part number seems to be one that is not to be found anywhere..
    the part number is
    kit# 4r3t-15604-bs
    delphi p/n 28012617

    05 mustang Gt
  2. Juice

    Juice forum member

    LKQ corp.
  3. atichargr

    atichargr Junior Member

    Okay I think I have figured this out. I wanted to put this out there so others who may have the same problem don't have the headache I had today... Well in my original post I gave the part number and said it is a ghost can't be found. I tried looking on several OEM ford sites by plugging in my vin number and it comes up with two different part numbers one for california convertible and one for coupe and convertible .. on just about ever sight I tried. I read somewhere that they did away with the auto window down function when holding the unlock button on the remote since they had a lot of problems with them. I figured mine was the one with the auto down function that I never ever knew I had and I bought the car new. So I went out and tried it and sure enough the windows went down. So I figure the the part number now shown on all the ford sites is the superseded number without the auto down function. I will give Ford a call on Monday and find out. I am pretty sure that is going to be the outcome of my hours of searching for the same part number. Just putting it out there incase it can help someone else without driving yourself crazy looking for the exact part number..
  4. todd clark

    todd clark Junior Member

    If your talking about the remote entry box behind the passerger side kick panel I have one thats like new?
  5. Joe combs

    Joe combs Junior Member

    The number you list for the SJB is actually just an engineering number, not a part number (this coming from having worked Ford parts for over 10 years). Yes the 05 had the drop down windows via the key fob, the 06 did not.. they also both dont have TPMS that came on the later cars. My 06 has the spot on the cluster for TPMS, but the 06 did not cone with it. In your case you will need a SJB for a 05 car if you are going to retain that feature. I also believe the SJB has to be configured to your car also. I believe the part number you are looking for is 5R3Z-15604-DC
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020
  6. atichargr

    atichargr Junior Member

    Todd thanks, I can get one new for just shy of 250 so I will be doing that.. Joe you are correct I spoke with ford today and those are the engineering numbers, the part number you have is in fact the correct part. I have the ability to program it so that is not a problem. i appreciate all the input... My poor car I bought new in 12/04 it now has 5000 miles on it has been sitting .. and as we know sitting causes issues, I had water intrusion on the sjb that is why I am replacing it, I am unable to arm the alarm because it sets a code saying the hood is ajar so I checked things out and found that It has water intrusion that I knew about and fixed last year. I decided to start to drive it , so I put in some mutha thumper cams and vvt limiters , some axle back and a tune. I now need to replace the tires , wiper motor ( also had water intrusion has no washer function) and the driver's seat lumbar ( crunched and stopped working lol ) After I get this one up and running I may get my fox body going.. 92 with a 306 , 185 afr heads, procharger, all suspension done, 6pt cage , eec tuner the list goes on and on, that has been sitting even longer , I just don't have the time to play with them like I use to but now I am getting older it is time to play while I still can..
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